Anti-abortion activists begin picket outside GP's surgery

Anti-abortion activists are protesting outside GP clinics days after the legislation came into effect.

A number of protesters stood with anti-abortion placards outside a GP service in Galway city.

Signs such as ‘real doctors don’t terminate their patients’ and ‘say no to abortion’ were being held outside Galvia West Medical Centre.

A pro-choice group in Galway has called for safe-zones to be in place outside health facilities.

Meanwhile, the HSE has advised the public to be wary of fake websites advertising the new My Options helpline for abortion services.

Official information about abortion services from the HSE began to roll out on January 1. A new freephone line staffed by trained professional counsellors was set up, along with an information website,

However, some users may have found themselves visiting a bogus My Options web page yesterday.

The site, which lists an Irish mobile number and email address as the contact information, promises to “start solving problems again”.

“Call us now and book a free ultrasound if you are thinking about termination,” the site reads.

The website is linked to an anonymous Facebook page, which shared videos promoting to “save lives and stop abortion” back in May 2018.

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