The gut diet: How do you program your intestinal bacteria to “slim”

Sufficient exercise and a healthy diet are lose weight essential. An important, but often under-appreciated role of the bacteria in our intestines play. How to reach the “right” bacteria to your feel good weight and also the rest of your life.

When there were no Department stores, finished products, and no food surplus, had to win the body is often made up of two sparse meals, the energy for a whole week. Firmicutes-bacteria, the “calories-collectors”, and were therefore in front of thousands of years necessary for life, but at the present time a Surplus of these bacteria in the gut, how he can be in the case of decreasing resistant people often say, a curse.

Because Firmicutes are able to be a cucumber so much energy, “squeeze”, as in a Wiener Schnitzel. Sharp calorie control uses many of the Obese, therefore, nothing, if in your gut, the Firmicutes predominate, and the “slimming” bacteria bacteroidetes fractions increased, and the hunt for sugar and encapsulated to excretion can bring, the intestine only in homeopathic number of colonize.

Hidden Power

In today’s time, in far too many foods sugar. This is the food for the Firmicutes bacteria, which is why the unpopular thick-makers to settle in our intestines, and multiply – after all, we take care with our diet (unconsciously) that you feel happy and contented.

The good news is that The balance in the gut is through a smart diet, the proper “bacteria food” and specially tuned probiotics are a very good influence. So, it’s not just about calorie control, but in particular to the composition of our food. As always, if we live in Abundance, this can harm sustained our health.

Probably the weight sensor as a target

And so the typical “Twiggy”figure, and Size Zero is desirable, but a healthy body weight, with the you feel comfortable and you can hold easily, without having in front of each ice cream parlor close their eyes are not. A guarantee is a long-term lifestyle Change with the “intestinal diet”: The intestinal bacteria be re-programmed to “slim” – so only the weight is not reduced, but retains permanently its figure and also the (intestinal)health.

1. What you should eat

Eat a healthy diet with

  • lean meat
  • Fish
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Vegetable oils such as olive oil, rapeseed – and linseed oil
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit

They also set food on their dining plan, which serve the intestinal bacteria as food (prebiotics):

  • Chicory
  • Artichokes
  • Leek
  • Onions
  • Jerusalem artichoke
  • Black roots
  • Parsnips

In addition, funds from the pharmacy to help. There you get, for example, probiotics in powder form.

2. What you should do without

They emphasize foods that nourish the Firmicutes. So you starve the unwanted bacteria.

  • Sugar
  • Grain products
  • Flour
  • Alcohol

No matter which way you choose, the diet habits you should change for at least a year to program the intestinal bacteria permanently on “lean” and to be able to your ideal weight in the holidays with the ice cream parlor and “Jagertee”.

About the guest author

Anita Frauwallner has worked for 25 years with the study of the intestinal bacteria. The former owner of a pharmacy in Graz is today President of the “Austrian society of probiotic medicine”. Together with Anja Brown, she wrote the book”