Dangerous abdominal fat: which types of fruit you don’t eat a lot should

Fruit sugar is healthier than table sugar, and fruit does not make you fat – what a mistake! The energy from fruits comes in even more quickly, and turns into unhealthy belly fat. Total fruit waiver is still necessary.

Until a few years ago, diet products advertised that in them only the good, healthy fruit sugar stick. Many Overweight people like to have reached for it, and not surprised, that you will lose weight.

Even today, many of us are still not aware that there is no qualitative difference between a spoon of table sugar and fruit sugar – except that the latter makes it particularly thick. And, although in both the same amount of calories 400 calories: 100 grams.

Fruit sugar to interfere with the metabolism of fat

The first evidence that Fructose makes you fat, by it influences the metabolism of fat, provided a study by the German Institute for nutritional research in Potsdam in mice. That Fructose is quickly converted to belly fat, has shown a few years ago an Experiment at the University of California: A group of Volunteers took ten weeks to 25 percent of their energy from glucose or Fructose. All test persons participated with around 1.5 kg of the same – the Fructose subjects, but especially on the belly.

Better raw food dish as a fruit salad

This is less for reasons of appearance concern than health: fat pads in the center of the body have been found as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, Diabetes and even cancer. The old eating the recommended “5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day” should be mostly covered by vegetables: carrot sticks, instead of grapes, snacking, or even a green Smoothie with baby spinach and herbs to taste.

Then we would come down from the 100 grams of sugar we consume daily, for example, in sweet beverages, Snacks and ready meals. The world health organization recommends a maximum of 25 grams of sugar. The German society for nutrition speaks somewhat vaguely of allowed “small amounts”.

Fruit sugar has its pros and cons

Compared with other sugar Fructose, yet has the advantages of:

  • The blood sugar level rises more slowly. This prevents cravings and reduces the risk of Diabetes.
  • The sweetening power is stronger. Fruit sugar can be used more economically. This saves calories.

On the other hand, tolerated by many people of the fruit sugar. You eat larger quantities of raw fruits, rebelling your gut with flatulence or diarrhea. This can also happen in the case of heavily sweetened finished products. Since the exact look on the nutrition facts table is worth it.

Beware of Apples and dried fruit

Fruit naturally contains a lot of fruit sugar, but in very different quantity. And the sugar bombs are not the sweetest fruit but those that are considered especially healthy: