Diet: Just count lose weight without calories with the 21-meals-rule

In order to successfully lose fat and keep the weight, it is important to simple diet rituals to introduce, to hold on to in his everyday life. To sum up, instead of constantly calorie, it is worth a lot more the number of meals to keep in the view.

Anyone who wants to lose weight, you should take – so the rule of thumb – less energy than it consumes. But that is only part of the truth. A study by the Loma Linda University clinic in California (USA) shows that three meals daily are ideal for the Body Mass Index (BMI). The data of 50,000 normal-weight were evaluated by study participants.

A control group took eight weeks to 21 meals, the other group ate during the time, the same number of Calories – however, in only one meal per day, i.e. seven in the week. The metabolism of the group with 21 meals per week worked better than the other. Why, is still unclear. It showed, however, that the BMI is reduced without diet, more than in the control group.

Three meals over a longer period of time

Known the two main reasons for weight gain are known to is that often too much to eat and that dinner is the most opulent meal. The Prague Doctor Hana Kahleova, which has contributed to the US study, concludes from the results that Breakfast is the most important meal: Our study confirms the old Maxim from Breakfast like a king, lunch like a Prince and dinner like a beggar.

The secret is to let the 21-meal-normally a Routine and three meals a day, seven days consistently, if possible over several weeks. It’s less a waiver. Eat what tastes good to him, and also so much to be satisfied. The meals should be according to the common dietary recommendations: plenty of Protein, little fat, lots of vegetables, fiber and fruit.

21 meals healthier cooking and less eating means plan

The Routine of the 21 meals per week, that carefully considering what you eat. With this conscious menu planning calories automatically end up poorer and healthier foods in the shopping basket. So more fruits, vegetables, lean meat and low-fat dairy products. At the same time, planned on a week, what foods come to the table. There is thus no risk of cravings, in which large portions down to be welded of the lungs.

Important long taking a break from eating are

It is important that the night time without the intake of food to 14 to 16 hours a expanding the means to eat an early dinner and to refrain from Chips and beer, and Cola in front of the TV. In the window of time during the day, the three meals, with always the same intervals of four to five hours to accommodate. Sufficiently drink. Therefore, water, tea and coffee in the essfreien time are allowed.

The secret behind it: during the day, no diet-frustration comes because everyone can eat what he likes. The real secret is the long Esspause. Then the body switches from carbohydrate to fat metabolism. It is actually burned fat.

Not everyone is allowed to make long breaks between meals

For some people, the strict breaks are not suitable. In the case of Diabetes, migraine, or very low blood pressure, the long taking a break from eating the organism from the Lot or can aggravate the pre-existing condition.

And Who is often traveling or busy working lunch in the schedule, I have a hard time with the requirements for regular Essrhythmen. And which are a prerequisite for figure-friendly diet with no calories.

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