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Strawberry, chocolate and vanilla are delicious – but also a bit stale, when it comes to favorite flavors of ice cream. It doesn’t have to be super fancy, with funky varieties such as peanut-Avocado-lavender.

Our nice cream-ideas to take into account regional fruits for every taste – and also the significantly are lower in calories than the classics from the ice cream parlor.

Here to taste delicious ice cream you can feast without the added refined set ! And without ice cream maker: Everything that is needed for the production, is a blender or Mixer.

Nice cream: low-Calorie ice cream two ingredients

To yourself a low-calorie ice cream, you must only eat pureed frozen fruit with some milk or milk alternatives such as coconut milk or just water to be mixed. The super fix: So you have conjured up quickly for a refreshing ice cream that can be consumed directly!

Thus, the sweet Treat is as healthy as possible, .

Because even if nice cream is much healthier than ice-pack or ice-cream: fruit sugar is included and is equally metabolized. So if you want to really lose weight, you should choose the sweet Fruits Wisely.

Some fruit varieties are particularly well suited, since they contain little fruit sugar:

  • Papaya

  • Lemon

  • Kiwi

  • Guava

  • Berries

  • Watermelon

Spices give a health Boost

However, no matter what delicious fruity ingredients make at the end of the race, the principle places in all the fruit the same way: cut in Small pieces, freeze, blend, done!

If you like, you can also may sound a little honey to sweeten or add spices – also, if the first, something strange.

With the right spices, for example chilli, ginger and turmeric, stimulate directly to the metabolism and also supports the health.

The classic variant

Anyone who has never tried even on a nice cream, may initially rely on probably the most classic version: The banana ice cream.

For a Serving of a banana should be very ripe and brown, so it tastes nice and sweet. Peeled and cut comes to you then overnight in the freezer.

The frozen slices and then with the other ingredients, such as, for example, a handful of walnuts in the blender and mix well. For a softer consistency, for example, oat or almond milk can provide.

The nice cream can, and should, be served to the Mix immediately, then the consistency is best.

Sweet variations, in all forms

This is always well prepared, when the ice-Hunger sets in suddenly, it is advisable to have several fruit servings already frozen the Council of Europe.

So that you can grab quickly at any time to the blender and the Japs to Sweet directly tame.

So no flav comes up click boredom, may be varied, the ingredients are quiet to your liking.

A healthy sounds too good to be true? Or how it would be sweet instead, with a fruity -?

For those who want even more delicious Inspiration, find these in the image gallery: 6 healthy nice cream-recipes

These flavors of ice cream from the Store are the lesser of two Evils

Then, when the time or desire lacking, the ice cream itself to prepare, care should be taken, what flavors of ice cream you choose in the Store.

Generally speaking, water ice has less calories than milk and Fruit ice cream from the ice cream parlor. There are even a few varieties of ice cream on a stick, which are relatively low in calories.

Everything that contains no milk, can be safely eaten: ‘Capri’ (53 calories), ‘cactus’ (62 calories) or ‘bomb pop’ (60 calories), for example, are a good choice.

It’s supposed to be a lovingly hand-made ice-cream from the ice cream parlor, if you try to omit the waffle and the balls in the cups ordered, saving about 70 kilo calories (this varies of course, depending on wafer size). Cream, sauces and sprinkles you can save perhaps even better, and fruit sorbet is preferable to ice Cream always, when it comes to calories.

However, it should go for anyone is always just about counting calories: You have to treat yourself to something – and then please enjoy!

Judith Kerstgens, Cornelia Bertram, Tina Monastery Meier

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