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First of all: Where on the body you lose weight reduction of fat, does not control and is dependent on the genetics. Often you can see, therefore, of his parents, whether one tends to be belly fat or not.

A relevant factor is also the personal stress level is. If a lot of Cortisol, the stress hormone, is secreted, the body in the particular values of the middle of the body to protect the reserves of fat.

This is a survival strategy that has kept the human organism from the past.

A basic recommendation for slimming is willing, therefore, to reduce the stress level. Therefore, the decrease in process time and, above all psychologically, for the rest – the belly fat has no Chance.

Lose weight doesn’t mean fat reducing

While the genetic aspect is not suggestible, is Cassie Lambert, a certified fitness trainer, to concerns about “Popsugar”, that the choice of the decreasing method, able to actively participate in the successful loss of belly fat.

Who is, for example, on a Low-Carb diet or Cardio exercise, will initially be able to quick success. Both of which favors water loss, which shows up as weight loss on the scale.

Fat reserves not to melt in this way, however, so simple.

Sustainability instead of speed

Instead of a quick weight loss target, should therefore focus on a sustainable Slimming, also recommends personal trainer Evan Harden.

In case of rapid weight loss it can often not be avoided, even muscles. The weight is so reduced, the body composition however, not improved.

Healthy latest is not studies show that to lose more than one to three percent of body weight per week.

The all-too-well-known yo-yo effect also plays a crucial role. Who does not want to increase the lost weight right back, need to find a way that works for the long term.

In the gallery: 6 tips to prevent the yo-yo effect

A calorie deficit is the A and O is

To burn more calories than you need is crucial to make fat cells away. This does not mean, however, to be hungry constantly, but to burn using the proper diet, daily exercise, and a certain amount of exercise calories, and save.

A healthy diet includes, according to Shapiro, founder of Real Nutrition, fiber rich foods, lean Protein, and healthy fats in each meal.

In addition to this rule of thumb, there are other Tricks to optimize in an easy way the diet.

Expert tips on nutrition:

  • Not up to the complete saturation of the food, but only until a saturation point of 80 percent.
  • Of vegetables and proteins to eat – not carbohydrates.
  • Highly processed products to avoid. These often contain hidden sugar and other unhealthy substances.
  • High-fiber food rich in order to stay longer saturated.
  • Drink plenty of water – no sugary drinks. The body is not as rich in calories, so you can make a calorie deficit quickly dashed.
  • Fried food avoid.

The right workout for stomach fat

Also the workout you shouldn’t go to too cerebral. You don’t need to train every day, and especially at the beginning, it is sufficient to note a few basic rules.

HIIT-Cardio & Strength training in combination

To integrate Cardio into the workout routine is useful, in order to achieve a calorie deficit. In the case of a Cardio-burned Workout in a short period of time, a lot of calories. Particularly economically HIIT-units are, because these go hand in hand with the addition of an invaluable high after-burn effect.

Lambert recommends but above all, to establish three to five strength training sessions per week. Because strength training not only promotes muscle building, but also the metabolic functions. Muscles also act between the training units as an internal combustion engine: The more muscles you have, the higher the consumption of calories in General.

NEAT (Non-Exercise-Activity-Thermogenesis)

In addition to the actual training sessions, it is essential to increase the daily amount of activity. That means that to go more on foot, instead of taking the Bus, or the stairs instead of the Lift. This helps to remain permanently active and so the weight reduction in the long term to implement.

Abdominal Help Exercises?

Abdominal muscle exercises are hardly misleading, because the belly is fat over the abdominal muscles. Trained Abs you can see, therefore, only if the overlying fat is gone. Six pack abs Exercises, self-help, however, not significantly reduce belly fat. Because, as already mentioned, it is possible to burn in a targeted manner in specific regions of the body fat.

The Lifestyle adjust instead of a diet

Anyone who wants to in the long term, lose weight and belly fat and this weight also should integrate a healthy diet and regular exercise, and sufficient exercise in everyday life, instead of counting the remaining weeks of his diet, in order not to fall back into old, unhealthy patterns.

Therefore, it is extremely important that you find a Routine that is not a torment, but, on the contrary, even pleasant.

Often the mistake is made, to banish certain foods from the diet completely. However, this can lead to food cravings and is, therefore, not useful.

Also the favorite candy bar should not be missing in the new Lifestyle. Not perfection, but stability should be the goal.

This applies in principle in losing weight, but, above all, in the reduction of stubborn abdominal Fat.


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