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At a distance, and with the mouth protection can be bad flirt – but love is suffering and sex life of the Germans in the Corona-crisis, according to a survey, only a little.

87 percent of respondents saw no limitation in this area of life, such as the Online-Dating portal “” citing a representative GfK survey of the German press told the Agency.

More togetherness among couples

Some Respondents also provided more detailed information. Of them almost 60 per cent of the Derek Freeman, claimed that the circumstances had brought you as a Couple closer together. One out of every five had better and more Sex than before, twelve per cent.

A quarter of this information, a joyful part of the group reported, but also of conflicts, which had a negative effect on your love life.

Dating portals are particularly popular

In the Singles, 40 percent broke for good a Dating break. Eleven percent met the distance, ten percent Knut want more and a further ten per cent had reported to have Sex how to “”.

Almost a quarter of flirted, therefore, only online or over the phone. This is reflected in the statistics: On the Dating portal was written in may, significantly more than usual.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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