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At the thought of tasty burgers, fries, Pizza and co. many of the people running the water in the mouth.

Most people is aware of that these fat-rich food anything other than healthy – however, many can not resist these culinary sins often.

Study with twins

A team of researchers from Pennsylvania found in a study that this predilection for greasy food is probably also the genes together.

Within the study, which was based on Oxford Academic Press published, together, the scientists worked with 398 twins. Among them are both identical as well as fraternal couples were.

The subjects are six different greasy chip were added to the varieties of the food. Then, you should evaluate the fat content and the taste.

In addition, the researchers examined the totality of the genes (Genotype) of the individual test persons on the basis of saliva samples.

The amazing result: The identical twins liked varieties of the same Chip, while the twins, whose genes differ, preferred different varieties.

In the case of dizygotic twins, two Gene were found to be variants, which may be the preference for greasy Chips – and the genes play a role.

No excuses: resist The urge

The researchers note that these results so far, not to other fatty foods are to be applied.

Although there were in the study, a similar experiment with different fat containing milk. Since the test persons could not differ really from each other, lack of it results call.

However, soon further Test with other high-caloric foods are to follow.

The researchers warn, by the way, prior to this, the study will use results as an excuse to Lust after greasy food in one or other of the more pronounced should be, this is not a reason to eat excessively unhealthy things.


  • Lin, C., et al. (2020): Studies of Human Twins Reveal Genetic Variation That Affects Dietary Fat Perception, retrieved on 15.07.2020

Cornelia Bertram

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