What you should know about venous disease

Spider veins are just a unschön or gefäa year? Must be treated any varicose vein? A Üoverview

Risky work: still for Long periods are debited from the leg veins

Häoften they are under the skin, sometimes they cause pain. But it also happens that people üat all do not notice, if the veins in your legs verächange.

Do the Blutgefäße in the course of life for almost every one of us. By the stäfull load, your unerläterrible task in the Köbody, rattling off one after the other, are weak. Not always the gef&auml has;annual follow. A Üoverview üabout the hämost common venous disease.

The harm to the veins

Smoking, lack of exercise, prolonged Sitting or Standing, tight clothing, hormonal ­­Verhütung, violations of the ­­Blutgefäße (Kanülen), Flüthe reliability of defect and wrong Ernäcurrency

Spider veins

"You will not be able to see schön, but in the vast majority of Fäcases vöcompletely harmlos", Dr. Heiko Wendorff, a senior physician at the clinic and polyclinic f&uuml says;r Vaskuläre and ­Endovaskuläre surgery, Klinikum rechts der Isar in MüMunich. Spider veins are the lowest level of the varicose vein suffering: the finest of dilated veins in the upper layers of the skin, the Elastizität have lost. Bläulich to röoccasionally they show up mostly on Fußknösmile, Oberschenkelaußen­sides and back of the knees.

"Eliminate you can, unfortunately, only by spraying or Lasern", so Wendorff. Most spider veins do not pain, however, and are only in rare Fäcases signs füa deeper vein disease. The abzuklären, patients should go to a specialist, if your spider veins in any Form auffädigit. He examines the Beingefäße then with ultrasound.

Varicose veins

The augenfälligste and hämost common venous disease. Gemäß a German study, one in seven adults is affected. Reason für the blue-purple, sometimes nodular tracks: The oberfläthe human veins are according to the German society für phlebology (DGP) worn out permanently, your vein valves to fail. The blood is no longer transported optimally and pools in the legs.

To be a medical Problem as soon as you Spannungsgef&uuml be varicose veins, ;hl, swelling and pain. Kompressionsstrüspasms föpromote the Rückstrom of blood. In severe forms the Gef&auml be;ße verödet – via injection or Laser. The gängigste OP-method is the Stripping: The cramp is a wire disconnected and pulled out. Without treatment, the skin there is a risk of Venenentzündungen, as well as Geschwüre.

Chronic Venenschwäche

The blood accumulates permanently in the oberfläactual Gefäßen, causing the high pressure Venenschwäche (chronic venöse insufficiency) – according to the trade company DGP the hämost common cause of für discomfort in the legs.

Because, especially in the lower legs blood cells and Flüssigkeit  from the veins in the surrounding tissue gedrüare pressed, the suffering of the patients under Schweregefühl, swelling and pain. The metabolism is gestört, the connective tissue verhäRTS, the skin ­verfärbt to Knösmile and legs brown.

It Entz&uuml threaten;ndungen, infections and eczema. Also compression help and varicose vein therapies, in which the morbid verächanged veins veröor removed det. Herbal remedies for Oral köthe &shy can;Treatment ergäcoins.

A treatment of remains, an open leg result – a poorly healing wound on the lower leg. "However, you do not need to be permanent leben", Gef&auml says;ßsurgeon Heiko Wendorff. "With the appropriate Wound and vein therapy you get from the specialist, usually lengthy, open legs back into the handle."


Häfrequent accompanying symptom of varicose veins Because the blood is so slow fließt, entzüthe Gef&auml nd;ßwände. To clots sometimes. It is a verh&auml arises;rteter, painful strand on the leg, the fabric is gerötet, überwärmt and swollen.

Because a deep vein thrombosis can cause the symptoms, rät Gefäßexpert Wendorff, immediately see a doctor. Schließt this is a clot as the cause, the affected area usually gekühlt, high-mounted and, if necessary, with pain or entzümaking-inflammatory ointment treated.


A clot develops veins into the deep leg, it can Gefäß clog. Here, too, the area swells, becomes heiß and hurts. Then it can to a ­lebensgefäextensive pulmonary embolism: Is carried away from the clot completely or partially from the blood and to the lungs gespült, can it Gefäße verschließen.

Thromboses occur most often after lälong-term Bettlägerigkeit or prolonged Sitting. Also Blutgerinnungsstöor cancer köyou can call forth. In any case, the following applies: mühave to be treated immediately. In General, the patients clotting inhibitors or aufl&ouml get;ser, as well as a compression therapy.

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