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Of all the diseases that pertain to the field of neurosurgery,and cause of death of patients, stroke is on the third place in prevalence. In addition, it often leads to long-term disability. However, the disease can be treated, and thereby reduce its negative effects on the body. The most important time to recognize the symptoms of stroke and faster to apply for medical assistance. If treatment is started within hours after a stroke, the disabilities can be prevented.

A stroke, sometimes called stroke, occurs when blood flow to the brain is suddenly shut off. The nerve cells of the brain begin to die because they can’t receive the oxygen and nutrients, and the brain ceases to function properly.

What is the cause of the stroke?

The reasons that cause a stroke, are different and depend on the variety of the disease. There are 2 types of stroke:

  • Ischemic stroke. It occurs when an artery or an arc of a blood vessel in the brain blocked by a blood clot. About 80 percent of all strokes are ischemic.
  • Hemorrhagic stroke. This disease happens when a blood vessel in the brain for some reason is broken, which is bleeding into the meninges. Hemorrhagic stroke accounts for 20 percent of the cases of this disease.

Any violations in the body can occur because of stroke?

Although stroke is a disease of the brain, its consequences affect the whole body. They can manifest as severe and mild, and include paralysis, intellectual disabilities and speech, emotional problems. Patients may also feel pain or numbness after a stroke.

The signs of a stroke

The patient isn’t able to understand that he had a stroke, due to the fact that the disease damages the brain. Outside observers also can be difficult to recognize the symptoms of a stroke are very similar to other ailments. However, the time to recognize the symptoms of stroke and to deliver the patient to the hospital is very important, and it greatly increases his chances of recovery, and sometimes even save us from death.

What are the symptoms of a stroke?

The main difference of stroke symptoms is that they occur very quickly. Therefore, it is important not to lose time, if the patient following occurs:

  • suddenly there was a numbness or paralysis of face, arm or leg (especially on one side of the body);
  • suddenly, there was a serious problem with it, there has been a loss of consciousness;
  • having violations of visual perception in one or both eyes, something never happened before;
  • happened gait disturbance, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination;
  • suddenly become concerned about severe headache with no known cause

What to do if someone had a stroke?

If You think that someone had a stroke, because the man suddenly numb limbs on one side of the body, or broken it, or there is a paralysis of one side of your face, you should immediately call an ambulance.

Why is it important to deliver the patient to the hospital as soon as possible?

A stroke requires emergency medical care, and in the case of this disease a matter of minutes. The longer disrupted cerebral blood supply, the more powerful will be brain damage. Immediate medical care can save the patient’s life and increases his chances of successful recovery after stroke even without surgery.

Why the stroke you need to act quickly?

Scottish scientists using stem cells managed to return patients paralysed as a result of stroke lost function. This is the first experience in the world.

The most common type incaltamintei. It can be successfully treated with a drug called T-PA, which dissolves clots that prevent blood flow to the brain. Also, the doctor may apply medication, improves cerebral blood circulation (vazobral, etc), hemodialysate designed to improve the flow of oxygen to the tissues of the brain, the neuroprotective agents (Cavinton) and nootropic drugs (pikamilon, etc). The maximum time, when it can be effectively used, is 3 hours after stroke onset. However, the patient’s condition should be evaluated before and so it needs to get to the hospital at least 1 hour after the outbreak.

What is the advantage of timely initiation of treatment?

The national Institute of neurological disorders and stroke (NINDS), which specializiruetsya in neurosurgery of the brain, was conducted five years of research among the stroke patients. They showed that in the case of receiving the patient medical care within 3 hours since the start of the stroke, the chances of recovery of his health, almost without disabilities and within only 3 months, increased by 30 percent.