The coalition agreement: What are the government’s plans

On about ten pages beschäthe coalition agreement between the CDU and the SPD on the topic of health is engaged. The main points für patients

Several health issues have made it into the coalition agreement

Paper, heißt it is patient. The f&uuml is safe;r the coalition agreement, the CDU, SPD and CSU have agreed. If everything is implemented, what are the parties there für health and care have agreed länot sst to assess currently. A look at the projects of the past government suggests, however, that the results of the negotiations of the coalition partners set a realistic timetable köcould. At least 28 laws ließ Health Minister Hermann Gröhe (CDU) in the last Großen coalition to adopt. The following objectives have f&uuml the government parties in terms of health and care;r the next three years:

Care make it more attractive

8000 new PflegekräRTD wants to set the government in a immediately program. Vacant around 35&thinsp, according to the Federal government, however, already today;000 jobs in the health and care of the elderly – and the need wäfirst of all, more.

More people für to win the job, wants the government to the coalition agreement, according to "the working conditions and the pay in the Old – and nursing immediately and spürbar verbessern". The heißt zunäfirst of all, in the care of the elderly fläshould be opaque to the Fare paid. Private facilities often have no corresponding target or lower sized house rates.

In addition, incentives f&uuml to it;r a Rüreturn of the part in the full-time, as well as a re-employment program and a better health care für the Beschäemployees. A nursing assistant should verstärkt to Pflegefachkräshops to be further qualified. With regard to the improvement of working conditions, the coalition agreement is vague. Discharge köcould be in care for the elderly a – not näago estimated – Mindestpersonal­­number bring.

Zusatzbeiträge cut in half

Already at the beginning of the year 2019 patients to the additional contribution, the health insurance funds in different HöHey rise, not alone m&uuml wear;. Employer or pension scheme to the Hähalf of the cost üaccept. Für the single cash contribution of 14.6 percent of the income or the pension, this applies already now. Relieves small Selbstst&auml to be;full: you pay according to the coalition agreement zuküin the future, with a monat­minimum contribution of 171 euros only half as much as in the past.

Angehörige relieve

People, the sick and the old Angehömembered self-care, have been entitled to a different relief, such as short-term, respite, day and night care. Küin the future, you want to these different An­commandments to a total budget to summarize, it can be flexibly used. In addition, Angeh&ouml to;engined by a ärztliches recipe to get a claim on a rehabilitation.

Financially, it relieves the children pflegebed&uuml to be;rftiger parents: your income f&uuml may;r to be tapped, a nursing course only if you jäannually, more than 100 000 Euro earn.

Hospitals restructure

The Federal government wants to be the hospital planning verächange. The aim of the Maßcomments: Some of the clinics will specialize in the treatment of serious and complex diseases, others are designed to cover the basic and standard care. Many scientific studies have shown that such a division of labor, the Qualität and the success rate of treatments has improved.

Re also: PflegekräRTD küin the future, is not the General case-the Krankenh&auml be paid, ;user für each and every therapy, but üabout a other financial pot. Thus, the policy is to prevent hospitals on the staff, save to a new operating room to Finance köcan. In addition, legal &shy to;Minimum numbers für PflegekräRTD in all bed areas eingefübe hrt. Previously this was only für not yet nähere defined "pflegeintensive" Areas provided.

Furthermore, you want to organ harvesting höhere vergüand transplant officer at the clinics of other Work. Both Maßtook aim, multi-organ m&ouml donations;to make it possible.

Faster appointments receive

The appointment service, a specialist appointment within four weeks convey müshot, to küin the future more easily accessible. Dafür you will receive a einprägsame, a single nationwide phone number, if you are from 8 to 18 clock. In addition, these Bodies are f&uuml also;r house – and children’s doctor’s appointments zustäconstantly be.

Advise patients better

In order to get a date, the time, the Äf&uuml doctors at least;r cash patients work müshot, from 20 to 25 hours erhöbe ht. And the Federal government is planning Sonder­fees für doctors in lärural areas; there are expected to be also lock Registration. Better vergütet is the so-called speaking medicine should be in addition to Ädoctors and patients ausfülegitimate together k&ouml talk;can.

Dentist reduce costs

The Festzuschüsse für dentures should erh&ouml of 50 to 60 percent;be ht. However, this improvement only applies to the default treatment, for example, a metal crown at Backenzästand up. The surcharge, in this example, the case of a ceramic crown costs würde, you must pay the Patient.

Shipping trade ban

The Große coalition wants to ban mail order sales of prescription drugs to the pharmacies, with your advice to stäTurks. However, the Minister of health, Jens Spahn, had up to the editorial deadline is not abschließend to this topic geäußert.

School fees abolished

Many aspiring health care professionals, for example physiotherapists or pharmaceutical-technical assistants, müshot für training school money to pay. The government wants to prepare according to the coalition agreement. Außintends to erdem, the nichtämedical healing professions, more responsibility in the health sector to ütransferred. Currently läuft about a model project für a more direct access to physiotherapy.

Faster decide

Whether new diagnostic and therapeutic methods for Fund performance, to küin the future, faster. Zustäfully daf&uuml is;r in Germany, the Federal Joint Committee – the Federal government wüs the catalogue of tasks and workflow structures to streamline. Last, the panel of the various Federal governments st&auml had;fully more instead of less tasks attributed to get.

A waste of stop

Millions of tons of still edible food land jäa year on the Müll. The wants of the government, with the already initiated actions, such as "Well für the Tonne" face, from which a "national Strategie" . The date of minimum durability depends on the Prüfstand – because many foods are not corrupted after its expiration.

Sugar and reduce fat

To reduce the high content of sugar, fat and salt in manufactured foods is a controversial paper by the last government had already to the goal. Now, once again, a concept to be developed, this time with binding Targets and a concrete schedule. How much the reduction will be, and how much the food industry in this process is to bring in, is currently vöcompletely open.

Better mark

The coalition agreement promises, the Nährwertangaben für processed and packaged food "weiterzuentwickeln". Here, the content of the N&auml to;nutritional "optionally visualisiert&quot simplified; . Verbraucherverbäthe beaches are calling, for example, has Long been the Lebens­medium light: Unhealthy food, then get the marking in Red. However, in the preparation of their Pläne wants the ­Government Lebensmittel­industry to participate. This – as well as the Ernäallure and agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner – rejects a traffic light.

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