Society warns of surgical defect

The surgeons in Germany are warning of a shortage of Junior managers. Currently in the country there is a lack not only of family physicians but also to surgeons, warns the President of the German society for surgery (DGCH), Matthias Anthuber.

“Many of the peripheral hospitals in less densely populated areas a Chance to recruit young talent”, Anthuber. “But we also need a good supply in less densely populated areas, and this is in danger.” Now there is in emergency rooms, longer wait times.

Often clinics could occupy Places on the country just by Doctors from abroad, said Anthuber. “We have to be thankful that we have these colleagues.” He estimated that in rural facilities, 60 per cent of the young surgeon came in the specialist training of the European neighbouring countries, North Africa, the Arab region, the former Soviet States or Asia. Also a growing Problem with communication due to language barriers is in order.

Training less extensive

Prospective medical students from Germany wanted to not only because of the less attractive conditions of life, are reluctant to go to the country, Anthuber. There are also fewer opportunities for qualification for the specialist in its entire width. A solution for rural, local and regional clinics networked and priorities. Then about 20 kilometers longer way to the appropriate clinic for the patients and their families is unacceptable, Anthuber convinced.

Basically, the surgery locke in the hospital little. “The work loads are high. To do this, the Stress that goes along with it and also the responsibility you have, is clearly noticeable. We see that the people have to Dodge the more and more,” said Anthuber.

Doctors President Frank Ulrich Montgomery had complained in December that in German hospitals, around 5000 Posts for Doctors are vacant. The criticism he connected with a demand for more medical student places: “We need around 1,000 additional places per Year.” This need had been longer. “It’s not a fundamental evil, that the countries fulfil their financing commitments sufficient,” said the President of the Federal chamber of physicians.