Researchers confirm the protective effect of the Corona-masks – on the example of the city of Jena

In Germany, a mask is mandatory when shopping or in public transport the same applies as before. As protection of a mouth can be used nose cover made of fabric or a cloth. It is intended to prevent viruses-Laden droplets into the air. However, how effective the masks are? You are contributing really to the containment of Coronavirus?

To this question there is, as yet, only few reliable data. Now a team of scientists from four universities, provides interesting findings: On the example of the Thuringian town of Jena, you expect to have, how large is the proportion of the mask is mandatory for the containment of Coronavirus. The data suggest that so-called “Community-Masks” or everyday masks contribute significantly to inhibit the spread of the Virus. The analysis of the scientists, published as a discussion paper, they have never appeared in any scientific journal.


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Model City Of Jena

The researchers chose Jena as a model, since the mask of duty there already at 6. April came into force earlier than in all other districts and circle-free cities in Germany. The exceptionalism made the headlines, because the number of detected Corona-infections increased in the city then, only weakly. But what if the infection could have caused to happen on the ground? Had the spread not even without the mask duty to slow down? In the case of the entry into force of the regulation, Jena was one of only a few dozen documented cases.

In order to look into such allegations, to the researchers, is a municipal model for comparison without the mask duty – a kind of “synthetic rock” as you write. For this, they used circles, data from other cities and the country, their infection will happen to those of Jena prior to the introduction of the mask duty is similar and determined an average. Also other parameters such as density of population and the average age of the population were taken into account. For Jena, this was, in particular, in Darmstadt, Germany, Cloppenburg, Trier and Rostock the case.

Corona-the case numbers are significantly different

The researchers compared the records and discovered “a significant gap” between the development of the case numbers in Jena and the comparison group. 20 days after the introduction of the mask mandatory in Jena, the number of confirmed cases increased from 142 to 158. In the synthetic Jena, they have increased from 143 to 205. “This corresponds to a reduction in the number of cases by around 23 percent,” write the scientists, belonging to, among others, the University in Kassel, the TU Darmstadt and the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany.

In a next step, the researchers investigated whether these differences were also occurred in other cities and counties. They compared the development of the case numbers of circles and circle-free cities, which the mask duty on 22. April and on 27. April had introduced. Here, too, the researchers effects of the mask were able to prove a duty, albeit lower than in the case study for Jena. “At the same time, the average measured reduction in case numbers compared to their synthetic counterparts, continue to be significant and large,” said the researchers.

The researchers therefore draw a positive conclusion: The introduction of the mask to duty have contributed “to a slow-down of the Covid-19 development”. Although the scientists have not been able to eliminate that other factors play a role – such a thing could have to Wear the masks as a signal to the population had to abide by the rules of the contact constraints. Nevertheless, the data would suggest that a continuation of the mask’s duty to obtain a “cost-effective, little Economics of harmful and democracy to be compatible with the building block for the further containment of Covid-19”.

The data the researchers are consistent with recent findings of epidemiologists and virologists that masks virus-infected droplets can be retained. In the past week, the world health organization (WHO) had changed its position on the Wearing of face masks in the Corona-crisis. The masks are recommended by the WHO, henceforth, in crowded public facilities. At the same time, the organization warned that the masks could increase the risk of disease in the event of improper use, for example, if people touch it with dirty hands and contaminated. “Masks can also give a false sense of security,” said WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

The WHO had recommended a Mouth guard in the Corona-crisis, yet not across the Board, but only for the Sick and those who care for the Sick.

Detailed information on the protective effect of each of the mask types and for the hygienic handling with these, there are on the side of the Federal centre for health education (BZgA).

Sources: mask of duty and its effect on the Corona-pandemic

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