Outrageous: medical students angry about Jens Spahns proposals in the crisis

As “sick”, “totally outrageous” and “unfair” refer to medical students who are nearing the completion of a current proposal of the Ministry of health. The wants to decide quickly about the extent to which medical students help in the Covid-19 pandemic and what time is your exam to write. In the Facebook group, “Federal representation of medical students in Germany” comment, many students angry and desperate on the first proposal of the Ministry of health. Some criticize Jens Spahn. He had promised the students that their use should be rewarded “and punished”. But it looks otherwise at the moment.

For almost six months, some medical students learning for the nationwide exam, the written final exam of the course. Now you still do not know whether it will take place in three weeks ‘ time or not. Because of the threat of Doctors and nurses in the absence of the pandemic, the students should help in the hospitals, and immediately in her Practical year to start without a degree and without a minimum wage. Most of them say they would like to help and have understanding of restructuring. But not for the proposal that the Ministry of health has now submitted.

It is intended that the students write the exam first. It is not, but also, as is the case in Italy. Instead, the students should learn, while you are working as Doctors in the hospital.

The quarantine period shall be considered absence or vacation

“In the proposal, the Ministry of health writes explicitly, to our 30 days of holiday would now include a possible quarantine. That is, if someone of us are not infected when in contact with the patient, which is unlikely, would be a subsequent quarantine as a holiday or day of absence counted”, says Peter Jan Chabiera. He is a former Board member of the Federal representation of medical students in Germany and learn for yourself just for his possibly failing at the end of the final exam.

“The majority of medical students use most of the 30 days already for studying for the oral part of the exam, which follows after the Practical year. Now we are supposed to learn for two exams at the same time, while we may be sick in quarantine.”

On the Facebook group Chabiera currently receives a lot of desperate, clueless, and frustrated messages from students who don’t know, when you write your exams or where you in the coming weeks be life.

“Some of us would potentially be used in all German länder,” says Chabiera. This is especially a Problem for students who already have children. “Of course we understand that we need to help, where doctors just used. Many of us have rented an apartment in the city, in their Practical year, actually wanted to complete. It should be also here to help us, or are assured that we can stay at a clinic. So far, it does not exist.”

Defense mechanisms of the body

So the human immune system against viruses and bacteria works

Chabiera proposes that the Ministry of health decides in front of all the other discussions first, as soon as possible, whether the trials take place or not – the students, the forces for the Corona-may be in need of soon patients will not be burdened by the uncertainty any longer. “It is not because of the current rules or as a matter of urgency the necessary personnel required to write the exam, then you should make us at least concessions,” requires Chabiera. “And to us not to punish for it, that even now, many of us willingly and volunteered to help in the pandemic, wherever it is needed. We hope that the Ministry of health actually well with us and the current proposal fully corrected.”

A possible solution would be, for example, that the students help out instead of a year, only eight months in the hospitals. They would have in four months time, in which they could decide in which area you want to be trained.

Chabiera urges, further, that the payment will be adjusted. “For this special case we have with the pandemic currently, should account for the restriction to the BAföG maximum rate, and it must finally be clarified, that neither the inserts in the Practical year, the impact is still on a voluntary Basis to the BAföG-benefits.”

The Federal Council is expected to vote on Friday on an Amendment of the infection protection act. True, the Federal Council, receives Jens Spahn, among other things, the ability to make Changes when necessary, how to move the exam and send it to students in advance in the Practical year.

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