New: Screening for abdominal aortic aneurysms

A belly burst aortic aneurysm, hälife depends on a Silken thread. Often the patients die before reaching the clinic, perhaps a life-saving intervention möpossible wäre. Even if it comes to surgery, there are many Fäcases, no salvage: The patient can’t make it anyway.

Because the abdominal aorta, the main artery, called the Central blutfüleading Gefäß our Köbody. There köcan Ausstülpungen, so-called aneurysms. Tückischer way, you are usually no symptoms. Only when the Größe Ausstülpung increases, sometimes discrete signs: such as abdominal and Rücover pain or the Gefühl, pulsate a little in the belly.

Reißt such an aneurysm, it is häoften as quick as a flash to a großen internal bleeding within seconds to minutes, the complete circuit, and therefore the life gefährdet. Only if the Gefäß to the rear of the Wirbelsäule back einreißt, is there a Chance that the surrounding tissue covering the tear and the bleeding is due to the lack of space, slower.

A gut is detected the aortic aneurysm, however, in time, it is on Verächanges and surgery are observed when the risk of rupture, so may tear, is too high. Für Mämen, the overall hämore often than women on abdominal aortic aneurysms suffer, therefore, from the beginning of 2018, a new screening: An ultrasound examination is to help aneurysms früto detect activity at an early stage and Todesfäto prevent lle.

Who has claim to the new screening?

Legally M&auml insured;men from the age of 65 years have a unique claim on the investigation. Because this group has a particular high risk für appropriate Verächanges of main artery. Wäwhile only 0.5 to 1.5 percent of women in this age have an abdominal aortic aneurysm, there are at least four to eight percent of the Mämen. Especially gefäare hrdet persons who have many risk factors für atherosclerosis. So, for example, Smoking and a erhöelevated blood pressure or Diabetes.

What gehört for the investigation?

A consultation in advance, and a corresponding information sheet to the Mämen make an informed decision für or against the Screening ermöaligned. Those dafür to decide, miss the doctor the abdominal aorta at the location with the größten diameter below the departure of the Nierengefäße with ultrasound. If möto be needed, these should.once that takes place the end of the screening together with the from the age of 35, every two years offered health examination &quot…Check up 35" be, you will also unabh&auml but can;matter to be made.

Where am I going?

The investigation can be conducted by any doctor, who is also befäis higt, an ultrasound examination of the abdomen durchzuführen. If your doctor so a Ultraschallgerät, are you with him probably at the right address.

How to classify the results?

Abdominal arteries with a diameter below 2.5 inches are unauffä- digit. Is the diameter of the Aorta at the above place größhe than 2.5 centimeters, the result will be as auffä- digit. This does not mean that tatsätake an aneurysm is present, because only when the Aortic diameter größhe is as three centimeters, is definitionsgemäß a aneurysm. Nevertheless, it may be useful in regelmäßowned Abstäit was to control with ultrasound, such as the aortic developed by knife. Your doctor berät for further action.

What is the use of the Screening?

The screening can contribute extensions and Ausstülpungen the main artery früto detect activity at an early stage. This can then be used to surgically treat or observe. Studies have shown that if 1000 Mämen at the Screening to participate, approximately three premature Todesfäll through the crack of an aneurysm k&ouml be prevented;can. In addition, köcan about three of the 1000 Mämen are saved from a tear of the abdominal aorta, because Ausstülpungen be timely surgery.

What are the disadvantages of the investigation?

About 20 Mämen of 1000 Examined learn, through the Screening of your aneurysm. At 10 hätte the Ausstülpung, however, never causes problems. Especially in the case of small aneurysms, the m&ouml can;resembled be. Some Mämen are still glad to know the aneurysm and the existing risk. It makes you feel better that it is now the Möof urgency to keep this process in mind. Für other is this Knowledge, however, a burden or führt even to Älongest. Some Mämen schrärestrict from care, the aneurysm köcould reißen, your Alltagsaktivitäten strong.

What lässt, if an aneurysm was detected?

The hängt, among other things, of the Größe of the aneurysm. Of the 20 of the 1000 Mämen, in which the Screening Ausstülpung the main artery recognizes, are two surgery probably soon, because the aneurysm so groß is that the risk of a crack strongly erhöht. The üthe other 18 should be closely monitored so that Verächanges in the aneurysm, the surgery necessary to make wüauthorities, früactivity at an early stage can be detected. Surgery n&ouml is;tig, can be removed, the abdominal aortic aneurysm in an open surgical intervention. Instead, a k&uuml is;artificial Gefäßsection, a so-called Gefäßprosthesis eingefügt. Or üvia an incision in the groin, a catheter eingef&uuml is;hrt, üabout a Röhrchen in the aneurysm is introduced, so that it is no longer reißcan en. Both procedures are not ungefädangerous, you köcan complications such as a stroke. Whether and how it is treated, must therefore be weighed in the Case.