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Have A Good Trip! The way to the holiday destination can be stressful – but it must not. The best tips für on-the-go, if you are by car, ship or plane trips

Finally arrived: flying is usually the fastest, but not always the most pleasant way to travel

Motion sickness in English "Motion Sickness", is caused by movement. She comes to us as a passenger in a car or Bus, as a passenger on the plane – and at the hef­important in the Form of seasickness on the water. "On sailing up to 90 percent of the passengers seekrank&quot ships in the first few days;, Dr. Bettina Vahlbruch, travel medicine and Kreuzfahrt&shy says;ärztin from Lippstadt. After spätesting three days have the Köbody adjusted.  

The symptoms are headache, dizziness and vomiting, cold Schweiß and muscle pain. However, as travel sickness? "The brain erhält widersprüfrail Signale", the pharmacist and physician, Dr. Martin Fischer from food says. The eye sees, for example, in the train, the quickly passing landscape, the muscle receptors spüren but no movement. "Fahrzeugführern is usually not bad, since they sit at the controls, curves, or waves, and the movements mitgehen", erklärt expert Vahlbruch.

It helps with acute travel sickness

In the acute case, chewing gum helps with dimenhydrinate, the ­in the pharmacy without a prescription erhäavailable. The active ingredient may also be used as a tablet, capsule or syrup that is swallowed. Patch with scopolamine are prescription-only and only für adults approved.  You can best pharmacy for advice.

Both of these substances make müde and dazed and are für Fahrzeugfüleader, as well as für patients with Prostata­problems and grüa Star is not suitable.

Ginger as a natüis it a natural Alternative

Children up to three years should be dosed dimenhydrinate only, and not against vomiting and diarrhea, or febrile infections. According to the drug Commission of the German pharmacists of the begr&uuml is;friends suspicion that it is otherwise in serious side effects, such as Krampf­anfälle can cause.

As natüfearful against Reiseünausea, some experts believe that ginger für effective – as a tea, capsule or Dragee. Is sufficient scientific the effect is not known, however. The same f&uuml is;r the preventive use of Vitamin C.

Strategies für a better Bauchgefühl

  • Quiet place wämiss: in the plane on the aisle seats in a row between the Tragflä. On the Bus in the front of the sit down in the car on the passenger seat. At sea, a cabin in the middle of the ship is optimal.
  • Abstinent to stay: on the eve of, do not drink alcohol and do not smoke
  • Something in the stomach have to take: directly before departure and a light meal, for example some fruit or a few biscuits
  • Relaxed ride: Who’s afraid of him übel, the erfahrungsgem&auml is;ß also tatsäactually faster übel.
  • Rest also für the eyes: do not read with the mobile phone games or watch movies.
  • Better in the distance watching, a point fix. On the ship below Deck, the eyes, lie down, schließen
  • Für Fresh worry: if möpossible regelmäßig lüshops

Heavy legs avoid and thrombosis-minimize risks

A standstill like to travel no one. Not on the Straße – and also not in the Blutgefäßen. However, be claimed by the long Sit. "Für people with vein problems, it may be useful as a preventive measure Stütz – or Kompressionsstrüto tragen&quot spasms;, Vahlbruch says. This should be with the doctor, as well as preventive medication.

Also Flüreliability is important so that the blood thickens. The best is water or a spritzer. "Tomato juice on the plane better without the vodka bestellen", pharmacist Fischer recommends. Alcohol dilates the Gefäße, the blood does not circulate so well.

In the case of pre-existing conditions, ask the doctor

Generally speaking, tourists with erh&ouml should;htem risk für Blut­clot a planned trip with the doctor to discuss, in particular, people who have already had a thrombosis.

Who has weak veins and tends, therefore, thick legs, can Stützstrüspasms wear. "As a General rule: as often as möpossible.stand and take a few steps gehen&quot…, rät Fischer. He also recommends loose-fitting clothing without ein­engende elements, such as a Gürtelschnalle in the belly drückt.

Verkühlt! The schüsupported in front of the air conditioning

Even if it is in the case of departure and arrival heiß is: on-the-Go, it is because of the air-conditioning is often very kühl", pharmacist Fischer warns. He recommends tops with long Äsleeves, collar, and not too far from the neckline. Ideally, a neck cloth in the Handgepäck.

Who caught cold, a stiff neck, threatening. Ointments and tinctures with Arnica or Cayenne pepper köcan tension ease.

Pressure equalization helps to facilitate nasal spray

Whose Schleimhäute generally häoften are swollen, you can feel the takeoff and landing very unpleasant. "The pressure balance between the nose and the ear does not work then richtig", Fischer says. He rät in acute cases a decongestant nasal spray.

"Who sniffs after the flight and sneezes, usually has no Infekt", Reise&shy says;physician Vahlbruch. Rather, the dry air set the SchleimhäUtes. Sprays with sea water to help; küartificial Tränen moisturize dry eyes. Sage candies to relieve irritation of Throat and hoarseness, and likewise, lozenges with Isländischem moss.

Dry skin, you should go regelmäßig grease. Lips, face, and Hände are affected the fastest.

Small Travel Gym

Less tension, better blood circulation: How to do this, erkläthe sport biologist Professor Annette Schmidt of the Universit&auml ren;t of the Bundeswehr in MüMunich and the Sport­scientists Manuel Wasserzier.

On the seat: as you tighten the muscles in the arms, abdomen, buttocks, legs, and Füßen specifically briefly one after the other.

You take the arms stretched in front of the Köbody, and verschräyou restrict the fingers, make you a cat back. Anschließend as a counter-movement Rücover durchdrücover and Schulterbläleaves firmly down, and move in together.

They attack with two Häan armrest, and pull the Oberköthe body in this direction. Then both sides of the abst&uuml Lean;support and the fuselage to the top brace. Depending on the force with the Füßen on the ground to help. 

Wäduring a Pause, Lift the arms V-förmig and lean against the frame of an open Tür. Oberköbody to the front drücover, chest dilating.

Arms perpendicular to the top lines, on the wall abstüprotect, back to the front drüto cover and thereby Wirbelsäule relieve.

Several times in the squat and stand up again. So the circulation gets going.

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