Glasses fog up by means of a protective mask: These tips provide a clear view

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Since this week, all the Federal States of Germany, the mask of duty, at least when shopping, and public transport (in Berlin only in public transport). What is on the one hand, an important measure, in glasses, a hated phenomenon: The glasses fogged. We will tell you what you can do about it.

First of all: the glasses fogged by the protection mask, it has a physical reason. Through the mask and Breathing our hot breath escapes air sealing along the glasses. The moisture in the air condenses and then glasses to the relatively colder glasses. The Result: Zero.


And what can prevent it now? The solution is actually simple and quite obvious: It is soap. Eyeglass wearers can use a mild soap (without alcohol!) with a cloth very thin on the lenses apply. The glasses are not washed off afterward however, but only dry polished. The thin soap film on the glasses now prevents settling of moisture. Alternatively, to work with a mild shaving foam or washing up liquid.

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Glasses over the mask

A further measure would be to put the glasses on the mask. As a result, the fabric is pressed closer to the face, resulting in less air can flow. The air flows out of the still, flows to the lenses and we have a clear view. However, people who wear glasses must pay attention to the fact that your field of vision is not impaired and the mask is worn tight.

A similar effect would, incidentally, be a metal bracket, the one that sews in the mask. The Ironing would have to virtually sit over the nose, so you can squeeze the protection very closely to the skin. As a metal strap could be used, for example, the piece of metal from fast staplers.

Protection spray

Of course, there are also special Sprays that are designed to prevent the lenses fogging. The you get for example at the optician or on the Internet. These you can use at a later time, for example, for camera lenses or swimming goggles. Finally, the corona crisis has eventually come to an end …

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