Confidence helps in Learning

Memory CoachingConfidence helps in Learning

LEVEL of KNOWLEDGE has developed a ten-week memory-to-one Coaching, with your memory in everyday life can improve. This is the fifth part. The other parts can you find in the following weeks.

The mood in which you spend your day, affects the performance of your brain. For a good memory, it is crucial to feel as often as possible “be glad and slightly positive,” says cognitive psychologist Hans Markowitsch.

This is not to say, of course, that you should force yourself to be in a permanent good mood. Especially if one is already a rather pessimistic person. But there are a number of small Exercises, for example, from the mindfulness training, which help to reinforce existing positive feelings.

You can choose from the two Exercises. The first is intended for all who are feeling rather carefree. The second Exercise is aimed at those who tend to Brood or negative thoughts or in a crisis. Choose the Exercise that fits your Situation:

For Carefree: you can Use your positive mood in the next few days, aware for better learning and retention. Select a Situation in which something “in the head want to get”, whether at work or in vocabulary learning. They now use five minutes of learning time to boost your good mood. Two steps will help:

  • Step one: Make with a few flicks of your work is beautiful, they create a good learning atmosphere: boil a Cup of tea, clear the table plate, the tips of a pencil. You can look forward to the fact that the place at which you will learn now, is well prepared.
  • Step two: If you then sit at your Desk, keep a half a Minute pause, breathe a few times quietly in and out and feel you are aware of the good mood or Confidence. Then start with the Learning.

Repeat this type of entry into the Work or Learning this week, if possible three Times and look what has changed, if you want to learn in a positive mood.

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For Loaded: Who are depressed or tired is see the Negative. This is normal. Nevertheless, the beautiful aspects of everyday life to go quickly very lost. An Exercise from the positive psychology helps to reinforce pleasant feelings and moments. You answer every night this week the following three questions:

  • What was the best Moment?
  • At which day in this year I like not to remember?
  • What I have for years always a pleasure?

At best, you will have to answer these questions in writing, on a piece of paper or in a notebook. You will see that in the daily answers duplications occur. That’s okay, and probably shows that the things and situations that you mention, are particularly important.

Tip: read during the week from time to time your answers. You think, when it comes, even in everyday life, occasionally to the positive things and situations that you have written down. This helps in between to be comfortable.

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