Football young may lead to damage of the brain

Football at a young age can lead to impaired development of the brain, said researchers at southwestern medical center in Dallas. These data were presented at the annual meeting of the Radiological society of North America (RSNA).

Scientists said that after one season in the brain of young players can be adverse changes. In particular games and exercises can affect pruning of neural connections. Pruning is a process that is characteristic of brain development in which the body gets rid of unused synapses, just as the tree is trimmed of unnecessary branches. For brain health, pruning is absolutely necessary, this gives him the best form to old age.

Experts aim to determine how vleuten a similar process of purification of the brain from neurons of ineffective blows to the head that occur in football. For the experiment were selected 60 young players who had no neurological or psychiatric abnormalities. The essence of the experience was the fact that football players wore a telemetry system of the head (HITS), its sensors recorded a number of parameters associated with head impacts. In addition, players underwent magnetic resonance imaging, which allowed to analyze the brain in a passive mode.

As a result, after one season, the young players were recorded disruption of normal cropping in connection with the weakening of the connections between the various parts of the brain. The deterioration of the process of cleansing the brain of unnecessary, unused connections were discovered during a passive mode of operation of the prefrontal cortex associated with cognitive functions.

Scientists call for changes in football rules to reduce the number of cases of head shots and head injuries.

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