Warning: Amy Schumer's Latest Pregnancy Photo Includes (Some) Blood

Amy Schumer has been having a difficult pregnancy. In November, the comedian revealed she was sick with a rare pregnancy condition known as hyperemesis gravidarum. (Yes, the same condition that afflicted Princess Kate.) Schumer appears to be taking her illness in stride, making jokes and posting some very #real photos of herself on social media — and we feel for her. Because no matter how you spin it, vomiting in a coffee mug is never fun. But Schumer’s latest Instagram post may be her most relatable preggo pic yet. Why? Well, she looks drained, exhausted and uncomfortable. The pregnancy trifecta. Oh, and there’s blood.

Now before you get concerned, the blood was minimal. (Like, you seriously have to look for it.) In the photo, Schumer is on what appears to be IV fluids — one of the most common treatments for hyperemesis gravidarum.

Despite her obvious discomfort, Schumer took the opportunity to poke fun at herself. Again. The comedian captioned the photo with the ironic pregnancy question, “am I glowing?”

But while Schumer may not feel sexy or even pretty, her fans were quick to respond, reminding her that she was (and is) beautiful: messy hair, sweats and all.

Schumer previously spoke about her struggles on Instagram. A few weeks ago, she admitted pregnancy was hard. “The last few days have been tough,” Schumer wrote. “I’m grateful as hell and know it’s temporary but tough just the same.” And last month, Schumer shared a photo of herself in a hospital bed.

She was admitted due to HG.

But in spite of it all, Schumer is still going strong. While she has cancelled a few dates, she remains on tour. And that? That isn’t just commendable, it is hella impressive. (This here writer is seven months pregnant and can barely stand.)

So keep up the grins — and the fluids — Amy. We’ve got your back.

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