Peter Maffay will be dad, with a 69, again: Why late father delights in such a risky are

Peter Maffay will be happy with almost 70 years on baby happiness. Last weekend, his common-law wife Hendrikje Balsmeyer brought a daughter to the world. Although the mother is only 31, may have given the advanced age of Maffay negative impact on the child.

Men have compared to women, a crucial advantage: you can – at least theoretically – up to a high age children. Peter Maffay, which was last weekend, once again, with 69 years, father of a daughter is not alone in this. If you think only of Ulrich Wickert or Fritz Wepper, which were almost the same age, as they were again children. According to statistics, five percent of the freshly baked Papa’s at the birth of their child already have the 50. Birthday behind. However, the risk for health disorders of the offspring and for mental health problems increases when the father is confused with the Opa.

However, the late father of happiness remains, some older men are also refused, because, with age, the reproductive capacity of the man is fading. “After about 40 years. At the time, you see nothing wrong with the sperm. From the 50. The age of the sperm motility back then, and is not for the procreation of importance, otherwise the sperm will find the egg,“ explains Eberhard it is, former Director of the Institute for reproductive medicine of the University hospital of Münster. On average, it takes under 40-Year-olds, five-to twelve-months, until the woman is pregnant. After this period is extended gradually, can double and even triple.

Genetic Defects accumulate

If the fertilization succeeds, it will face further consequences of old age. A variety of genetic diseases occur more frequently. More complex, not a Gen to get to the ground disorders can creep in. While much of this is the speech that the Down syndrome risk rises with the age of the mother, is the growing potential for interference due to older fathers are less known. Such diseases can be the achondroplasia – genetic short stature of the child, the growth plates to close early. Also neuro-fibromatosen (a hereditary disease of the nervous tumors favors), Marfan syndrome (disorder of the connective tissue, the organs and skeleton affected) or the Apert’s syndrome (with a variety of physical malformations) accumulate with increasing age of the man, even if the absolute frequency of such disturbances is low.

Schizophrenia and autism are more often

The age of the father also has an impact on the health of the mother

According to a recent study by the Stanford-University of suffering children, whose fathers were older than 35, are more likely to follow a high-risk birth. To this need include weight, seizures and Respiration. In the case of fathers over 45 years, a premature birth by 14 percent was more likely. The men were at the time of conception and the baby’s over 50 years old, the children also 28 percent more likely after birth to the intensive care unit.

Even for the health of the mother age of the father seems to play a role. So older men increased in partners of the risk of gestational diabetes.

Impact on the Psyche of the child

So be sure to health risks due to late paternity, so it is unclear the impact on the Psyche of a child. Each case is different, explains Hartmut box, a developmental psychologist and early educator from Munich. In principle, he has in late a Father no concerns, as long as the child feels that it is loved. And this is not an age thing, but depends on the people. “Experienced fathers can teach your child a high level of safety and sovereignty,” says case, who also teaches as a Professor at the University of Munich.

Young fathers they would have professional and life experience, and to be strengthened in terms of career and relationship. Often they would also have more time for the child. While young fathers working on their careers, and often the Balance between family and career, to fight, to take care of older fathers often have more to their offspring. As soon as children want to romp, the a lot more dynamic, younger fathers in the advantage.

The great-grandfather as a father

Paternities of 50 is considered the psychologist-critical, because negative feedback from the environment is to be expected, if the father could also be the grandpa. “If you can’t buffer this social pressure, this can be for the child, really bad.” The children are ashamed of your old father and be taken by their peers very closely. This “social Terror and pressure increases with the age of the fathers”, says Hartmut box. Of a paternity of 70, he would advise, therefore, more likely.

“Children are always a pleasure, even in old age,” says the developmental psychologist. However, should concerns in this age, as a father, that the child may need to experience many stages of development without him. Also, he looks so old fathers in the responsibility of the upbringing of the child “ensure”. The father should always be aware of the fact, that at a later time may be another father figure in the child’s life.

Age Lots Of Sibling Love

From the experience of Hartmut box siblings that may already be out of the house, nothing to worry need. Who now thinks of great scenes of Jealousy is wrong. These relationships are the “most relaxed sibling relationships at all,” he says. Peter Maffay already has two children from different relationships: his biological son, Yaris, 15 years old, and his adoptive daughter, Nina, 33.

Text of Helwi brown Miller/Lena Riemann