Over 32K Shoppers Love This ‘Essential’ Baby Booger Remover Seen on Shark Tank

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There’s nothing quite like a stuffy and crusty baby nose. You can see all the gunk (yuck), but you can’t quite get to it with their teeny nostrils and utter lack of nose-blowing skills. And there just aren’t many medicinal options to help clear things up, so parents are often left with nasal aspirators. There are electric ones, suction bulb ones, and then there are the ones that involve parents sucking into a tube that is inserted into the nostril. Yup, sometimes parents have to use their lung power to open up airways.

The booger-picking game was totally changed when pharmacist Nina Farzin appeared on Shark Tank with the oogiebear. The rubber tool has a loop on one end that grabs sticky boogers and a scoop on the other for scraping away any crust. Plus, there’s a little bear head on each end that prevents the oogiebear from going too far into a kiddo’s nose. It’s honestly brilliant.

After the launch of the original product, a light-up oogiebear was created to help caregivers see what they’re doing — especially at night. Both versions can also be used to scoop out earwax. Yuck and yay!

Plus! The company now sells its own toothbrushes, teethers, and more.

Not only did the Shark Tank investors love the product (there was an all-out battle to partner with Farzin!), but more than 32 thousand Amazon shoppers were singing its praises.

“The oogiebear is an absolute must-have for parents! Seriously, I can’t stress enough how essential it has become in my daily routine … It’s now my go-to baby shower gift.”

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