Nursery Artwork That's One-of-a-Kind — & Affordable

While some people scour Pinterest for the raddest vinyl prints to hang in their dorm room, others are in search of the chicest wall decals for their baby’s nursery. Whatever stage of life you’re in, we can all agree that giving babies love (and pretty things to look at!) is everyone’s number one priority. There’s something special about walking into a baby’s room that’s decorated with small details parents could only hope they’ll appreciate someday. Plus, for parents, seeing a giraffe decal or galaxy photograph above their little one’s crib is a nice breath of fresh air amid their daily diaper changing grind. 

When it comes to picking out artwork for your baby’s room, you basically have free rein because they don’t have a specific style yet. So, really, anything goes. From animals to constellation systems and dinosaurs to florals, you can’t go wrong once you put yourself up to this creative task. If you’re going for a more minimalistic feel, though, you might want to take a simpler route and hang up your baby’s first footsteps or engrave their name in wooden shapes. Looking for something more gender-neutral? Stick to greys and yellows and objects that aren’t stereotypically assigned to one gender or another. Ultimately, your artwork will do the talking and set the tone for the entire room. For more ideas on affordable nursery artwork, we’ve rounded up our favorites, below. 


Moon’s Birthday Wall Decal

If you plan on getting your child a galaxy-themed art display, make it more baby-friendly with this smiling cloud and moon design by Swantje Hinrichsen. The friendly little mouse is an added bonus to “keep an eye on the crib.” 


Star Wars™ Ship Wall Decals

This wall decal is perfect for a kid who is already a mini Star Wars’ lover (or, who just loves space ships in general). While they sleep, you can count on the force to be with them. 

Animals Bubble Gum

Why get your child a bunch of animal prints when you can get them a bunch of animal prints chewing bubble gum? These adorable wildlife friends will make any room POP. 

Outer Space Decor

Now is not the time to be afraid of playing around with color. The main fixture in the room should resemble how you want your baby to feel—that is, light years away from waking you up in the middle of the night. 

Welcome To My Crib

This printable design could only be pulled off by the baddest of babies. Add a little humor to your baby’s nursery with a bold statement that just requires a printer and frame. 

Baby Footprint Art Print

Personalize your nursery artwork with a photo of your baby’s footprints. It’s an extra special gift for someone whose baby was born stillbirth and wants to keep their memory alive. 

You Are Magic Wall Art by Jessica Prout

No matter your age, there’s nothing quite like waking up to a positive affirmation in the morning. This little reminder will stay with your child as they navigate the world on a daily basis. It comes in three different sizes to choose from. 


Who Run the World Art Print

Gift this piece to your little feminist who could use some inspiration while they take down the patriarchy. From Wonder Woman to Michelle Obama, these inspiring figures will teach your child a thing or two about empowerment. 

Felted Wool Wall Animal – Elephant

Between your nursery artworks, might we suggest an adorable felt wall animal? Choose from the fluffy elephant, giraffe, sheep, or pig.  

Disney Princess Cinderella

This subtle three-piece set represents the story of Cinderella. While you read the Disney tale aloud, you can point to the scenes on your child’s wall for reference. 

Neutral Nursery Print Set

Hooray for affordable printables! This set of six comes with various earthy photos in gender-neutral tones. They capture all the good feels of a bright autumn day.


Alphabet In Pink Art Print by Kid of the Village

Once your kid learns their 123s and ABCs, this alphabet print will come in handy. With photos accompanying each letter, they’ll thank you for teaching them young. 

Lorena Canals Ocean Wall Hanging

Bring the serenity of ocean waves and little fish to your baby’s bedroom. The cooling effect of breezy coral shores won’t go unnoticed. 

Name Wall Decal

In lieu of painting a personalized message on your baby’s wall, you can use stickers of their name for an extra special touch. Plus, when they get older, you can have them removed without the hassle of repainting. 

White Paper Crepe Flowers

Simple and sleek is sometimes the name of the game. These faux flowers will charm the pants off any interior designer or tastemaker guest who sneaks a peek at your child’s bedroom. 

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