More Than 47K Shoppers Are Raving About This Reusable ‘Smart’ Notebook & It’s Over 40% Off

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There’s nothing quite like finding the perfect notebook. It can be a total game changer, and that’s exactly what Amazon shoppers are calling the Rocketbook. The reusable smart notebook has the “timeless feel” of writing in a regular notebook but without the waste. Instead of writing on paper and having to buy a new notebook or planner every time you finish one, this sustainable and portable product allows you to upload all your pages to the cloud so you have a copy of your notes for as long as you need and wherever you go.

So how exactly does it work? Rocketbook has 42 reusable pages with seven different templates for taking notes, planning, making to-do lists, and more to keep both your personal and professional life organized. You can then take a picture of the pages using the Rocketbook app, and it all gets uploaded. Once you’re done, spray the page with water and wipe it down with a microfiber cloth to use the page again and again. It’s a techy 2-in-1 that we honestly can’t believe we’ve lived without.

Image: Rocketbook

You might remember Rocketbook from Shark Tank, and though none of the sharks invested in the product, more than 47K Amazon shoppers stand by this notebook that’s currently more than 40% off.

“[This is an] indispensable tool for teachers and students!” one person said. “As a current student and future teacher candidate, I not only have notes from my college courses, but also have preliminary lesson plans and observational notes that are critical to my field preparation which means I am taking countless handwritten notes. As someone who cares about the environment, it matters to me that I am utilizing products that lessen that environmental impact since you can reuse the pages…Additionally, some of my teachers in my college courses don’t allow laptop use in the classroom…I can just write out my notes, scan them after class, and still have a high-tech solution for note-taking while following the expectations for my courses.”

“[Rocketbook] really was a game changer for me because I was able to take my handwritten notes and via the transcription setting, I was able to automatically have my handwritten notes turn into typed text. I can take those notes and upload them…I highly recommend this futuristic notebook and pen to anyone. This is a mind-blowing notebook that can help anyone be organized and basically save time. Welcome to the future!”

“I will never use another type of notebook again! I am the kind of person who likes to make a list and then check it off and then see things clean and finished. This is the perfect notebook for that. I can write everything down, I can check it off in multiple colors of pens, I can feel like I’ve accomplished something when I have finished, I can then scan it in if I need to or not, and then BAM I can wait to clean and start all over with a fresh slate. I have been such a nerd about this notebook. I may have taken it to a meeting and then sent my notes out to everyone before we even left the room…the notebook is kind of like a blankie now and is with me all the time and no one is allowed to touch it…Seriously, we all need this notebook in our lives.”

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