Jhené Aiko Reveals the Super-Sweet Way She Honors Her Newborn Son in Her Daily Makeup Routine

Not only did Jhené Aiko treat her fans to an updated haircare and makeup video, but she clued fans in on how she honors her son in her daily routine.

On March 2, Aiko shared a darling video of herself getting ready, but it was specifically for the mamas out there! She posted the video with the caption starting with, “hey mommies 🥰 GRWM as i do a quick, day to day look! as a mom of a 14 year old and (soon to be) 4 month old, exclusively breastfed baby… it’s hard to find the time or energy to even THINK about putting on makeup 😂”

“Having a bassinet in my bathroom and being able to lay him down and play @sleepsoul for him while i get ready is perfect 🥰,” she said. “i always tell him ‘thank you for letting me get pretty for you baby’ 🥹”

She ended the post by saying, “thanks to @sleepsoul i can do a little somethin somethin in between feedings and naps ☺️ what songs are you and your little ones enjoying from @sleepsoul vol. 2? 😴🧸”

You can see the video HERE!

Did you catch that? What she said about thanking her newborn son? Our hearts just melted, because that’s such a sweet thing to do!

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