How to maintain eye health in children

Over the past 20 years computers have become part of our life. This has many advantages, however, it is impossible to forget and about the negative impact of smartphones, tablets and laptops that they have on eye health, especially in children.

Modern life dictates its own terms. Today it is difficult to imagine a child without a smartphone or laptop. And most children both use different gadgets.

A significant part of their time children spend behind the screen, whether the screen phone, computer or tablet. This is a huge load on the visual apparatus. Prohibit spending time on the phone or computer often doesn’t make any sense, because more and more aspects of life are somehow connected with gadgets. E-mails, e-books, tutorials and much more, so a child needs for development.

What danger hides the screen of the gadget

Is it really harmful to the computer for the eyes, as this is stated? For starters, I’d say around this topic many myths. One of them about harmful radiation that comes from the monitor. The modern LCD monitors there is no harmful radiation. About this phenomenon it is appropriate to say when used the monitors with cathode-ray tube, however, the experts came to the conclusion that the level of radiation from old computers is so small that any harm it causes.

But is it harmless screen gadgets? Unfortunately, there is no Established that the long stay of the child in front of the screen of your phone, tablet or laptop can lead to the development of myopia. If a child has a genetic predisposition to myopia, long stay at the computer will only advance the disease.

The second problem of the long stay behind the screen dry eye syndrome. This pathology occurs because people a long time sitting at a screen, forgetting to blink. So deteriorates the quality of the tears. However, as a rule, organism quality compensates for quantity. So the first sign of dry eye syndrome is profuse watery eyes on some factor, for example, bright light or wind.

How to help the eyes

The child needs to intelligently organize your day. If the kid is forced to spend much time on the computer, make sure that the monitor is located at a distance of 50 centimeters from the eyes.

To eyes harmful if the child will work in the dark or Vice versa in bright light, which is directed to the monitor. The light should fall on the side, preferably at right angles. Often visible on the monitor the glare from the window. They shouldn’t be, so either cover the window with a curtain or place the computer in a place where there is no glare.

It is important to observe the regime of work and rest. The jobs definitely need to take breaks. A child needs to know about it. It is important to talk about it in a casual setting, so it doesn’t look like an order. The child himself must understand that he needs from time to time to take a break. It is desirable to break away from the computer every 30-40 minutes. It is useful to look into the distance to relax the eye lens, and you can also do workout for the eyes.

Food for the eyes

For eye health it is important to follow a proper diet. There are products that are especially useful for the eyes. Based on them pharmaceutical companies produce effective supplements that nourish the tissues of the eyes and improve the eyesight. These products include blueberries, which contain anthocyanins.

Anthocyanins are natural antioxidants that improve the condition of vascular tissue, and beneficial effect on the blood vessels of the retina. In addition, anthocyanins protect the eye lens from the pathological and degenerative changes.

Unfortunately, anthocyanins are rapidly cleared from the body, and the blueberries we used only a short time in the summer. At the same time, the eyes need protection all year round. To solve the problems of lack of biologically active components for vision is committed Visimax complex with a high concentration of natural extracts, containing anthocyanins, vitamins and minerals needed to maintain healthy eyes.

Visimax contains Finnish blueberry extract with a high concentration of anthocyanins, which provides reliable protection for eyes, even if your child spends a lot of time behind the screens of gadgets. In addition, the Supplement contains sea buckthorn extract rich in vitamins A and C. it is known that vitamin A is part of the visual purple, and with a shortage of this vitamin develops night blindness poor vision in dark conditions. Vitamin C has a beneficial effect on the blood vessels of the retina, protecting the eyes from degenerative changes.

Thus, Visimax year-round makes up for the body is the key biologically active substances necessary for eye health. Visimax is available in powder form in sachet packages. For receiving the contents of the package must be dissolved in water. The resulting solution has a pleasant berry taste that is very pleasant to children.

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