Grace Warrior Is ‘Sneaking up’ on Elephants & Mom Bindi Irwin Captured It in the Cutest Video

Watch out elephants: Grace Warrior is coming for you! Bindi Irwin’s 16-month-old daughter, whom she shares with husband Chandler Powell, caught a glimpse of what she thought were real elephants, and decided to play the cutest game. Irwin caught her “sneaking up” on stone elephant planters at the Australia Zoo — and we can’t stop smiling at how adorable she is.

“Sneaking up on elephants with Grace Warrior @australiazoo. 💗,” the Crikey! It’s the Irwins star captioned a video on Instagram yesterday. In it, the toddler is bundled up in a pink jacket, pink leggings, and pink tennis shoes, as she stands near a stone elephant planter holding a leafy plant at the zoo.

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At first, Grace points to one elephant as her mom records her, saying, “I love you, beautiful.” Then in a moment of spontaneity, Grace seems another elephant and crouches down. She starts slowly walking toward it with a grin on her face, as if she’s going to surprise it with a “boo!”

“Are you sneaking up on them?” Irwin asks her daughter before laughing. Grace is being so quiet as she carefully walks toward the stone elephants while bending down. She takes her job very seriously!

Grace then points to something off camera as Irwin cheers, then reveals the stone elephant planter the little girl was trying to surprise. Hey, when you grow up in a zoo, animals are a normal part of life, so it’s no wonder Grace was expecting a real elephant. What a precious moment!

 Powell thought so too, commenting, “It’s a big job, but someone’s gotta do it😂💕🐘.”

The Australia Zoo Instagram account commented as well, writing, “Melts our hearts😍.”

At the end of the video, Grace sneaks up on the elephant again, then toddles off away from her mom — in search of more animals to discover (whether they’re real or not is irrelevant, obviously).

Last month, Irwin recorded Grace waving at “Grandpa Crocodile,” which is her nickname for her grandfather, the late Steve Irwin. It was another priceless moment seeing her recognize the man she has only met through videos and pictures.

Grace is a delight, and we love seeing these sweet moments from her life at the zoo!

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