Ashton Kutcher Is so Impressed by Super Mom Reese Witherspoon’s Ability to Get Things Done

Elle Woods may have made law school look easy, but Reese Witherspoon makes balancing stardom with running a business and being a mom of 3 look effortless — which is honestly much more impressive. And one person whose taken notice of her super woman abilities? Ashton Kutcher!

The Ranch star recently posted about a new movie he’s starring in with the Legally Blonde star, and he had the cutest reaction to her response.

In an ad for Your Place or Mine, a new Netflix rom-com premiering Feb. 10 — which, OMG, cannot wait! — Witherspoon calls Kutcher and they discuss dream actors to co-star with. Witherspoon goes for the classics, Cary Grant and Tom Hanks, and Kutcher says, “Reese Witherspoon.”

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“Ashton, that is so sweet. That is literally the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me,” she said.

After Kutcher posted it today, Reese commented on the cute video almost immediately. She wrote, “A plus K plus RW ! 💞”

Super adorable right? But Kutcher, who shares daughter Wyatt, 8, and son Dimitri, 5, with wife Mila Kunis, was shocked by her quick response. He posted another video to Instagram, and it’s so relatable.

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