A Special Request from a Pregnant Couple Had Adele in Tears & Now We're Getting Misty Eyed

A sex reveal can be an incredibly emotional moment for a pregnant couple and their loved ones, but the tears usually stay within their inner circle. But that wasn’t the case when parents-to-be Shantelle Lord and Chris Dare had their sex reveal. Their sex reveal had international superstar Adele sobbing in front of an audience during a Las Vegas concert.

Why? Because the Grammy winner was the one to share the news.

The couple held up a sign from their spot in the crowd that said, “Adele will you do our gender reveal?” The “Rolling In The Deep” singer later called them to the stage and delivered the news.

“No one’s really allowed signs in here,” Adele told them. “I’m just obsessed that you got one in!”

Lord told the singer she was 18 weeks pregnant. They have had the results for the past 6 weeks but were waiting to open the envelope, hoping that when they went to the “Hello” singer’s concert, she would do the honors.

“Oh my god I think [this envelope is] like from a doctor,” Adele said before turning to Lord and asking if there was anything she wanted her to say when she read the news and if there was someone filming, really making sure the moment was perfect for the expectant couple. She then sat down, making the moment as intimate as possible (even though they were in front of a massive crowd).

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