A Resurfaced Clip of Princess Diana Popping off With a Snarky Comeback Has Gone Viral — & We’re Applauding Her Mama Bear Instincts

An old video is making the rounds on TikTok, and though it doesn’t show the whole story, it does show that Princess Diana was always ready to stand up for her sons. In the clip, then-Prince Charles, Princess Diana, and a 6-month-old Prince William sit on a couch together. And over the video, it says “Princess Diana responds to her husband’s rude comments about the baby.”

“He’s a bit dumb,” now-King Charles III seemingly said.

“Like all men,” Princess Diana immediately responded, getting a laugh out of her husband and crew members, as well as endless praise from commenters.

“💯 good for you Princess Diana 🥰.” “k I love her response 🥰.” “the fact that she spoke up right in the moment.” “Yes queen 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻.”

Because YES, Princess Di! Clap back at whatever a—hole is coming for your kids. Especially when you’re a new mom of an infant. “A bit dumb?” Really? First of all, why the eff are you coming after a six-month-old? Second of all, WTAF do you want from him?! *Deep breath*

The only problem with this [misleading] video? (Well, besides the comment.) It wasn’t King Charles who said it.

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