A 6-Year-Old Spent Nearly $1K on His Dad's Grubhub — Here's How You Can Avoid the Same Fate

We are all-too-familiar with the woes of having a child who can’t keep their hands off your phone. Sometimes it’s a blessing when you need to distract them (thanks, YouTube!), sometimes it’s a pain in the a** when they decide to take 100 photos of the floor — but for one dad, it was a downright nightmare when his kid took to Grubhub.

Keith Stonehouse was enjoying a perfectly normal Saturday night in with his 6-year-old son Mason who politely asked, “Dad, can I use your phone?’” Stonehouse told TODAY. He usually plays on an educational app, so Stonehouse gave Mason 30 minutes of screentime.

After a suprisingly simple bedtime routine with the little one, Stonehouse got a knock at the door. He thought it might be items for his wife’s cake-making business, but it was actually a Grubhub driver dropping off some food he supposedly ordered. Which was weird because Stonehouse had not been on the app.

Even weirder, the knocks and deliveries kept coming. Unfortunately for Stonehouse’s wallet, this was no glitch in the system. While he was relaxing, Mason had ordered nearly $1,000 worth of food and gave 25% tips. At least he didn’t skimp on that! We know some adults who aren’t that generous.

Though Mason had a hankering for pizza, he didn’t stop there. Sandwiches, shawarma, ice cream, chili fries, grape leaves, jumbo shrimp, chicken pita wraps, and more all ended up on Stonehouse’s doorstep. At that point, the bewildered father grabbed his phone and saw the endless order notifications … and a fraud alert from his bank.

Stonehouse went to discipline his son who looked at him with only his eyes above his blanket. Mason, who had only one thing on his mind, soon made his dad laugh about the beyond-ridiculous situation.

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