Six reasons to eat asparagus

Asparagus, or asparagus was known as a useful plant even in ancient times. Doctors called five good reasons why to include asparagus in the diet.

The first reason: asparagus, slow down aging. In asparagus contains high amounts of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals: for example, vitamins A, B, C, T, K, copper, manganese, dietary fiber, magnesium, carotene, coumarin, thiamine, folic acid. Thanks to a rich composition of asparagus strengthens the immune system, slows down the processes associated with the development of age-related diseases. Its use leads to normal hormonal metabolism. In India, asparagus is considered anti-aging agent for women.

The second reason: asparagus improves the condition of the heart and blood vessels. Contained in asparagus, asparagine is a substance beneficial for the heart and blood vessels, normalizes blood pressure, regulates blood clotting and prevents blood clots.

The third reason: asparagus helps harmony. This product is high in fiber, has a positive effect on intestinal health and promote metabolic processes. In addition, asparagus is very low in calories – 100 grams contains 20 calories. For those who want to have a slim figure, you have eat asparagus.

Reason four: asparagus is an aphrodisiac. In the Middle ages it was noticed that the asparagus is the product of love, the plant is an aphrodisiac that increases the libido. According to experts, asparagus acts as a natural analogue of viagra: stimulates sexual energy, beneficial for men’s health. Asparagus also improves the physiological tone, helps maintain energy and good mood.

The fifth reason: asparagus normalizes the level of blood sugar.Asparagus is low in carbohydrates and has a low glycemic index, and the complex contained in trace elements enhances the action of insulin. Asparagus at least twice a week, it is recommended to use for people with diabetes.

Reason six: asparagus improves digestion.Asparagus is a source of inulin and oligosaccharides – substances that are not digested in the intestine and act as a nutrient medium for the “good” bacteria that help digestion and kill pathogens.

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