Parents should clean baby pacifier with your mouth

Parents should be sure to personally clean the child’s pacifier in your mouth before you give her baby. Scientists say it will strengthen the immune system of the baby.

Some moms look with affection on the little drops from a mouth a pacifier on the floor, and then picks up again and puts it in his mouth. But there are parents suffering from bacteriophobia, who immediately rush to sterilize the pacifier or even put it in the washing machine. Here, these mothers and fathers often grow children who have a lot of allergies. The study showed that if fallen on the floor dirty pacifier in the beginning suck mom or dad, and then it will go to a child in the future he will be much less antibodies associated with asthma, food and dust allergies.

And the thing is that parents transmit their own bacteria into the baby’s mouth, strengthens his immune system. The American researchers asked 128 mothers to share how they clean the nipples of their children, before the analyses of the blood of kids. In children whose moms his mouth was cleared of dirty nipples, antibody levels of IgE were reduced. But those women who preferred to rinse nipples with tap water or even sterilize them, the kids had elevated levels of antibodies.

This is another proof of how harmful to the baby is the so-called “sterile education”, where it is protected from contact with the ground, mud and not very clean objects, thereby depriving the children’s immunity ability to come into contact with bacteria and thus to strengthen and train. The study authors emphasize that parental treatment nipple with your own mouth is another great example of how dads and moms can safely and securely transfer your own healthy micro-organisms to their children. (READ MORE)