“I’m Sport!” Why the big belly just won’t go away

Even more responsibility in the Job, more dates, more sports – the Trend to self-optimization drives sometimes to absurd situations. Nevertheless, many men over the years have noted that your belly is in spite of Training, not less, but greater. No wonder: Who has to constantly Stress, is not the way to get the belly in spite of Sport.

Long ago, the Trend to self-optimization has also reached the world of men. In record time they seem to want to end the decades-long projection of the women Starve, Bodyshapen and liposuction to catch up. Plastic surgeons reports the practices of a rapidly increasing demand for interventions in men and bays.

Especially men in occupationally exposed positions, want – and need – young, slim and performance-capable over if it is to go to the career ladder forward. With belly, you have little chance of success, it not only among plastic surgeons.

The conditions for a healthy and slim way of life in the everyday lives of these men are usually far from optimal: time pressure, Stress and lack of sleep put those Affected in a permanent “Flight-and-fight”mode. Is eaten only at irregular intervals, and if, then often in a hurry and the Wrong.

About the expert

Hardy Walle is an Internist and nutritional expert. For more than 20 years, he assists patients in losing weight. Professional medical societies have taken his Can-diet concept 2014 in the S3-guideline “prevention and therapy of obesity” and recommend it for weight loss for people with obesity.

Many try to compensate for, especially on the belly resulting upholstery with additional “challenges” in the leisure: Jogging, Workout, lifting Weights. And of course, everything is tracked, measured and benchmarked. Relaxation? Come down? Mostly.

Duration of stress is the Decrease in the way

In spite of all the abuse, the frustration can often not have to wait long. Although the figure is a corresponding amount of Sport, but the belly remains. No wonder, because the Stress and permanently high cortisol values brakes on fat loss. The result is that The belly will be getting fatter, even if the Rest is slim.

Appointments with cut and “meeting cookies”, strenuous travel, poor sleep quality, and a business lunch to a late hour with a lot of alcohol cause the liver and the organs have to store increasingly fat. This fat is so dangerous: It’s inflammation reaction, blood fats and blood pressure to rise, can make sugar sick and benefited from it ultimately, heart attack and stroke.

A blood sugar levels

Anyone who wants to in the long term, remain physically and mentally really in shape, you should schedule that’s why regular breaks, but especially the blood sugar spikes by eating the wrong foods to avoid. The frequent consumption of carbohydrate-rich food (biscuits, chocolate bars, Sandwiches) or drink (fruit Smoothies, Soft and energy Drinks) leads to a constant up and down of blood sugar levels.

Any blood sugar spike is associated with an increase in insulin levels, because Insulin ensures that sugar from the blood into the cells. At high Insulin the fat burning comes, however, reflects to a Halt, and fat storage is promoted. In consequence, the unused carbs are increasingly converted into fat and stored. The fast drop in blood glucose levels due, in turn, re-cravings .Best offer on BestCheck.de

Time-outs are important and make a long-term slim

Especially in the case of a lack of time on a low-carbohydrate and high-fiber diet rich. It keeps the blood sugar levels low, reduces insulin secretion and facilitates removal of the targeted fat. And: Man(n) is fast enough.

In addition, managers should also pay attention to long days on time-outs. Pull back and you prefer to eat a high quality protein bar later in the Meeting, a conference canapés. Because protein is largely metabolized independently of insulin, you stay, the better resilient and focused. In addition, you avoid cravings, because protein keeps you full longer.

And, very important: Stop the power of terror. You rather to measure regularly with a simple tape measure your abdominal circumference as your pulse. So you have to without the balance your health critical belly area.

In addition, the regular medical Check-up, especially of the liver, is also important. In order to do a thousand times more for your health than if you go at night to Run. Because a verfette liver is associated with significant metabolic disorders, so that you will bring the whole cruelty bit. The fat in the liver, prevents namely, that you will lose weight.

You do the Right thing, instead of just (irregular) too much: eat regularly high fiber and rich in protein, they move moderately (occasionally) to engage in extreme sports and drink in the evening and enjoy a glass of red wine with family and friends instead of alone a whole bottle. And then you go to sleep. A minimum of eight hours. It makes really fit.

To all that expect quick results, are also high-quality protein – and fiber-rich recommended Shakes. So that excess fat in the liver and abdominal cavity to reduce, and strong fluctuations in blood sugar are avoided. In this way, the stomach shrinks to benefit concentration and efficiency.