Fast food can lead to depression

Loved by many fast food and other varieties of “empty calories” increase the risk of depression. Here’s another reason to go on a healthy diet.

Each of us heard about what threat to human health fast food. Numerous scientific studies have shown that when consuming this kind of meals grows much risk of excess weight gain and obesity. Arteries clogged cholesterol plaques, which increases the risk of heart attacks. Obesity itself also increases the risk of developing certain types of cancer. Finally, due to food and surges of blood sugar level people are more likely to experience fatigue and lack of energy. The same applies to other foods from the category of “empty calories”, which include crackers, chips and similar products, loved by many children.

And now a new study has shown that consumption of “empty calories” increases the likelihood of depression. Scientists from the UK, Spain and Australia analyzed data from 41 international studies, which showed that the unhealthy foods are associated with chronic inflammation, which can lead to clinical depression. Processed food containing a lot of fat, increases the risk of inflammation of the digestive system, and the inflammation eventually reach the brain and lead to the allocation of specific neurotransmitters responsible for regulating our moods.

Systematic inflammation have the same effect on the body like obesity, air pollution, and sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, for the prevention of depression people often need to eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. (READ MORE)