Every second vetetarian secretly eats meat

Every eighth resident of the UK is now vegetarian or vegan. But half of them secretly eat meat.

Every other vegetarian or vegan secret from friends and relatives eat meat. These are the results of a survey conducted in the UK, where one in eight residents (13%) considers himself a proponent of a vegetarian or vegan diet. It turned out that slightly more than 50% of these staunch supporters of plant food from time to time I indulge myself a sandwich with bacon on the weekends or a piece of Turkey for Christmas dinner. Despite these secrets, the power, the survey showed that the UK is gradually moving away from eating meat and becoming vegetarians. In addition, many residents prefer the so-called “flexible dieting” where they do not rule out some products, but reduce their use. First of all, it concerns meat.

41% of vegetarians during the interview admitted that he really misses grilled meat, 32% feel sad for bacon sandwiches, 29% can’t forget sausage, and 18% – burgers. The number of search queries on the recipes vegan and vegetarian barbeque has grown into one of the sites for the sale of plant products by 350% this summer. Incredibly increased the popularity of burgers from beets and steak dishes based on vegetables.

An increasing number of retail food networks opens special branch for vegetarian food lovers, where they sell not only fruits and vegetables, and prepared foods from plant components that can simply be reheated in the microwave. (READ MORE)