Winnipeg switching chemicals to combat brown water issues

The City of Winnipeg is working on changing the colour of your water.

In an announcement Friday, the city said it’s working on reducing the occurrence of ‘discoloured water events’ by changing one of the products used in Winnipeg’s water treatment process.

“We expect discoloured water events to decline in 2019 compared to previous years,” said Water Services manager Tim Shanks.

“However, it is difficult to predict how long it will take to see a major reduction.”

By the end of the year, the coagulant in the city’s water treatment process – which is used to help particles in the water stick together so they’re easier to remove – will be switched from ferric chloride to ferric sulfate.

The change was recommended in a consultant’s report on discoloured water, and the new coagulant was chosen after a multi-year study.

The city has already tested ferric sulfate for more than a year in a pilot water treatment plant.

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