Means for rinsing the mouth and throat for adults and children

Rinse one of the local methods for the treatment of inflammatory processes in the throat. Its meaning is very simple: medicinal solutions have an antiseptic effect on the mucosa, wash away microorganisms, and the bubbling liquid and the tension of the walls of the pharynx contribute to the enhanced blood circulation at the site of inflammation, creating a massage effect.

Regular rinsing helps to better endure the disease related to inflammation of the tonsils, pharynx, larynx, oral cavity. How to choose a solution suitable in your case? Usually the best option prescribed by a doctor. It is always better to have an idea about the features of the actions of the nominated solutions in advance.

Ready-made mouthwash

Pharmacists already took care of creating a special effective means for gargling. All of them are sold in concentrated form and before use must be dissolved in water specified in the instruction dosage. Consider some of them.

  • OKI, Ketoprofen a lysine salt. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent for topical use. Allowed with six. Ingestion is undesirable, can lead to the development of side effects. It has a local anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, but the antibacterial effect is not. Prescribed for inflammation of the mouth and pharynx, mainly of viral etiology, sore throat, pharyngitis, laryngitis. May cause an allergic reaction.

  • Chlorophyllipt extract of eucalyptus leaves. Available in the form of alcoholic solution, oil solution, spray. Has antibacterial properties, good heals ulcers recommended in purulent infections.

  • Eludril solution of chlorhexidine and chlorobutanol. Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, analgesic effect. Promotes rapid healing of wounds and ulcers. It consists of ethyl alcohol. Except for rinsing with inflammation of the throat and mouth, it is also recommended for the care of removable prostheses, and also as a tool in the postoperative period.

  • Stopangin hexetidine, essential oils. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. Well tolerated. Recommended for tonsillitis, stomatitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis bacterial nature, helps to cope with purulent raids.

  • Joks medication iodine. Contraindicated in disorders of thyroid function, laryngitis (can cause laryngospasm), pregnancy, children under 8 years. Has a pronounced antiseptic action, it helps with purulent infections.


Simple bugante options for rinsing

  • Solution furatsilina antibacterial drug local action. You can buy ready-made, but most often furatsilin for sale tablets. Preparation: furacilin solution itself is not difficult, even if you are a little mistaken with the concentration will be no problems. Has an almost neutral taste. It has a local antiseptic effect, it is recommended to rinse with bacterial infections. Young children may swallow the rinse, which may cause a violation of the intestinal microflora.

  • Chloramphenicol the drug is a local antiseptic action. Applies only to six years. Ingestion of a solution having a systemic effect on the body. The solution prepared from the tablets in a glass of boiled water. Has a bitter taste. Used in purulent inflammation of the tonsils, stomatitis with ulceration.

  • Tincture of calendula. Calendula flowers have antiseptic and wound-healing effect, and the combination with alcohol increases these properties. Is recommended for treatment of ulcers in stomatitis, gargle with purulent tonsillitis. Young children need to make a decoction of calendula to boiling water, the flowers, without alcohol.

  • Decoctions of herbs: oak bark, calendula, chamomile, St. John’s wort. Universal rinse, but it is always used in combination with other agents. Have an astringent, mild antiseptic, anti-inflammatory effect. Recommended with stomatitis, sore throat of different etiology, mainly in children. Side effects have.

Mouthwash improvised

Most familiar to many is gargling with salt and soda. These simple tools have a big favour to the immune system and is completely safe to use. Disinfectant and anti-inflammatory properties of home remedies while inferior pharmacy medicines for rinsing.

  • A solution of soda, the iodine salt of a classic composition, which is used in purulent infections of the mouth and throat. May cause an allergic reaction with increased swelling of mucous membranes, so it is not recommended for children under 5 years and laryngitis. Usually cook 1 teaspoon soda, 1 teaspoon of salt, three or four drops of alcohol tincture of iodine. If desired, the concentration may be less.

  • A solution of salt and soda is used without restrictions. Soda reduces the intensity of oxidative processes in the inflamed mucosa of the mouth and throat by reducing inflammation, the salt has an antibacterial effect, reduces swelling by increasing the osmotic pressure outside the cells.

  • The easiest way to rinse the salt solution. It is a universal tool: changing concentration, you can treat mouth sores or gargle. It is well that the Sol is almost always have on hand. Suitable even for infants, and can be used simply for the prevention of inflammation of the throat and mouth. However, it is not always possible to do such a simple rinsing, and at the first opportunity to add to the Arsenal of topical treatments more effective means.


  • prevention of diseases of the throat
  • allergic diseases of the ear, throat, nose
  • hardening of the larynx