Vegetarians have low self esteem and are more likely to experience stress

Vegetarians are often under stress and have low self-esteem than people who eat meat. To such conclusions scientists have come as a result of recent research.

The scientific experiments involved 400 people, who were vegetarians, meat-eaters andsemi-vegetarians. Participants in two weeks of eating according to his convictions and recorded the sensations that she experienced. The results showed that vegetarians were most often under stress and had low self-esteem. In contrast, meat-eaters were in the best condition: the smaller were in the doldrums, the higher rate themselves as a person.

Scientists from the College of William and Mary, located in Virginia, made the assumption that people who didn’t eat meat, but only vegetable food, are more likely to experience discomfort because they have confidence in the superiority of other people over himself. Was also interviewed 24 people, vegetarians andvegans. Asked them their opinion about their own life if they see meaning in his existence. It turned out that they are often in stress, depression, and see less meaning in life.

At the same time the representative of the Vegetarian society disagrees with the conclusions of scientists, expressing their own opinion. “We see when people adhere to a vegetarian diet in accordance with their beliefs, they experience positive emotions, believing that investing in our common cause,” he said.