The drinking people every day, have a healthier heart – Video

A Study of the Johns Hopkins Hospital in the USA has found a long-term study of around 6000 women and men found that a daily Cup of tea depends on a healthy heart.

To drink daily a Cup of black tea could protect the heart. The investigation of the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, presented by researchers at a Congress of the American Heart Association shows.

Study with 6,000 women and men

In the study with 6,000 women and men, expressed over a period of 15 years: people who drank daily one to three cups of tea, showed a 35 percent lower probability of getting a heart attack.

Compared to people who did not, were also a danger for less, a severe heart or circulatory to suffer from illness such as a stroke. “We have recognized that moderate tea drinker deposits less Calcium in the heart artery have,” said the Internist Elliott Miller on the heart of the Congress.

“It is a pure observational study”

Miller acknowledged, however, that the researchers were able to demonstrate a causal relationship between drinking tea and heart health: “It is a purely observational study,” said Miller, “and unfortunately we can’t tell whether the tea or a healthier life-style protected the hearts of tea drinkers.”

It is still too early to say that tea-drinking, heart attack, or stroke can prevent. But it suggests that tea provides a degree of protection factor, or that tea drinkers are healthier people.