What’s the best dermatologist: With five Tricks your rejuvenates your skin for many years – Video

The Germans spend more and more money for skin care products. High-priced Anti-Aging creams and lotions should cause little wonder. Simple strategies are, according to experts is usually more effective than costly ointments.

1. Youthful skin thanks to the antioxidants

Instead of expensive creams from the outside, it is much healthier and strengthen cheaper the skin from the inside with antioxidants. Color-intensive fruit and vegetables are full of cell substances Sagittarius.

2. Soy as Estrogen replacement

Soy contains isoflavones. These plant substances have an estrogen-like effect. This way, you can influence hormonal changes as positive. Daily two glasses of soy milk (ad), about 50 milligrams, and to slow down the skin aging.

3. Sports rejuvenates the skin

Movement first and foremost, for physical Fitness. However, the skin also benefits: Good blood circulation and oxygen supply to the skin Freshness and radiance. This will make you look younger. Our PDF guide showing you new tips on how to make your skin Shine, as well as all the information about diseases, therapies and care.To the PDF guide

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