Slimming starts in the mind: Mental Training increases weight loss

With mindfulness training Obesity fight

Problematic eating behavior can be improved through targeted Training of mindfulness. Participants were made aware of in a course for self-criticism, self-confidence and for mindful eating, on average, about three pounds more than people not attending the course. This is evident from a recent English study.

Researchers at the University of Warwick showed in the context of a nutrition study that mindfulness courses are to improve the success of a diet. In four courses, the consciousness of the test subject about their current state of mind and their immediate surroundings has been trained in the present Moment. Following this study obtained participants are more successful for a diet than a comparison group who had not received such training. The results of the study have been the “Journal of Clinical Endocrinology &#038… Metabolism“ is presented.

Obesity has eight in the last 40 years, triple

Such as the world health organization WHO has communicated since the year 1975, the Rate of obesity and Overweight almost tripled. In 2016, the WHO were considered the consequence of almost two billion people worldwide are considered overweight or obese. With a world population of 7.6 billion people is thus affected more than every fourth person. Researchers are desperately trying to find new methods to curb this trend.

Two hospitals offer the courses already

In the University hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust in the UK, the mindfulness training is currently being implemented and the effectiveness of the courses evaluated. The Team study’s leader, Dr. Petra Hanson was able to improve the efficacy of intense weight loss programs. “This research is significant since we have shown that problematic eating with mindfulness can be improved,” says Hanson in a press release of the study results.

New prevention and treatment of Obesity

These techniques of mindfulness are, according to the researchers, also in the case of larger population groups. Therefore, the strategy could be a useful tool in order to promote a healthy diet and perhaps other lifestyle habits in the context of the General prevention and treatment of Obesity.

The expiration of the study

The mindfulness classes were offered in the context of a multidisciplinary program for weight reduction. The researchers monitored the progress of the Participants and found that those with at least three of the four courses visited during the weight reduction program of approximately three pounds more acceptances than those who have no courses attended.

Mindfulness for all?

The weight loss results were also reflected in the positive evaluations of the course participants. “People who have completed the course, said you could plan meals better in advance, and felt self-conscious in terms of weight loss,” says Hanson. The research team proposes to establish such courses in the basic service, or in digital Form.

Can mindfulness for healthier life habits?

“Mindfulness has enormous potential as a strategy for Achieving and maintaining health and well-being”, adds Professor Dr. Thomas Barber of the University of Warwick. Many emerging diseases of the 21st century. Century were the result of an unhealthy life style. The Professor is holding a mindfulness training for a good means to help the population to make healthier life style choices and beneficial changes in behavior to enforce. (vb)