Nine unvaccinated Boulder Community Health employees face termination – The Denver Post

Unvaccinated employees at Boulder Community Health have less than 60 days to comply with the hospital’s coronavirus vaccine mandate before they face termination.

In August, the hospital announced it would require all staff members including members of its medical staff, volunteers, trainees, students, business partners, independent contractors and vendors who come into or work at BCH facilities be vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus by Nov. 1.

Nine employees out of 2,020 have failed to receive the vaccine by the deadline, wrote Celanie Pinnell, marketing manager with Boulder Community Health in an email. All medical staff have been vaccinated.

Pinnell said the hospital has not yet terminated any employees who failed to get vaccinated. Written notices have been sent to all unvaccinated employees who did not receive an exemption. They have less than 60 days to comply before they face termination.

There are 44 employees who were approved for a medical or religious exemption at Boulder Community Health, Pinnell said. They are required to wear a mask at all times and are tested twice a week for COVID-19.

“Boulder Community Health believes that having a universally vaccinated workforce is vital to achieving the highest level of safety from the virus for our patients and staff,” Pinnell wrote in an email.

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