Lose weight, save money, better benefits, from alcohol to sleep:-fasting in January

Ever heard of “Dry January”?

In England, there is a Trend in this country rather unknown. The so-called “Dry January”, English: Dry January. Is meant to be a month long on any alcohol consumption. This Trend is in England, so popular that its effects have recently been studied even in a study. Apparently, the month of alcohol-abstinence numerous health and financial benefits. Who has no good intentions for 2019, should try the “Dry January”.

Better sleep, more money and less pounds on the hips – this is supposed to be, according to a British study from the University of Sussex, the positive consequences of an alcohol-free month. In addition to the one-month waiver to a kontrollierterem drinking guide behavior in the connector. Many who have tried it report better skin and more energy.

Documented Abstinence

The Team led by psychologist Dr Richard de Visser from the evaluated surveys of more than 800 test subjects, and subjects who refused in January 2018 to volunteer for a month on any kind of alcohol and their results documented. Six months later, a further survey of Participants took place. The results showed that alcohol abstinence in January, even positive long-moved-term effects.

What can you expect from a one-month alcohol waiver?

According to the survey analysis, 93 percent of Participants reported a positive experience of success. Around nine out of ten people saved money in January, eight out of ten people gained better control over their drinking, and 76% learned more about when and why you drink, 71 per cent noted that they can have fun without alcohol. Seven out of ten Participants stated after the month an improvement in their health. 71 per cent slept better, and 67 percent had more energy. Around six out of ten Participants by the waiver. 57 percent were able to focus after the month is better, and 54 percent reported a better skin.

The long-term effects of alcohol-free January

In the second survey, which took place six months later, the researchers found that the one-month waiver was still effects. The Participants reported in August 2018 that you drink per week, on average, a day less alcohol. The frequency of alcoholic intoxication fell by an average of 3.4 times per month to 2.1 times. “A month of no alcohol to take that helps people to drink less,” says study leader Dr. Richard de Visser in a press release of the study results.

The campaign is enjoying increasing popularity

The “Dry January” is supported by the charity Alcohol Change UK. With your own Website and your own App with more people than alcohol-to be motivated-fasting in January. “The alcohol-free January can change lives,” says Dr Richard Piper, the Chairman of the Alcohol Change UK. He and his Team hear every day from people who have been taken over by the “Dry January” in control of their drinking behavior and, thus, happier and healthier feel.

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