From toilet paper is more useful to give up

Doctors claim that toilet paper is not suitable for permanent use as the only way to clean the body after defecation. Experts believe that for the sake of your own health from the usage of toilet paper should be discarded in favor of cleaning.

The study reporting the need for a waiver of toilet paper appeared in the edition of The Sun. According to these data, using toilet paper often leads to the development of different pathologies.

This fact scientists attributed to the fact that toilet paper does not allow to take full advantage of all of the traces of products of vital activity of organism from the skin surface. The dirt residues contributing to the spread of pathogenic bacteria and, as a consequence, the occurrence of infections of the urinary tract. In turn, friction with a dry toilet paper leads to anal fissures and also hemorrhoids.

Also, toilet paper can contain chemical additives, such as flavorings, the effect of which on the organism is completely unpredictable. The researchers admit that these compounds are able to provoke the development of cancer.

Doctors advise to refrain from toilet paper, using instead a bath in a bidet or wet wipes.

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