Beware Thunder Fever: Scientists warn super pollen to cause hayfever HELL

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Grasses spewing clouds of irritants will push pollen counts in parts of Britain this week to ‘very high’. It will clash with thunderstorms whipped up as ex-Tropical Storm Alex ploughs in from Florida.

A cocktail of volatile weather, soaring temperatures and sky-high pollen counts will unleash hell upon millions of hay-fever sufferers.

Airbourne allergens expert Max Wiseberg said: “With this fine weather thunderstorms are also predicted, and they can bring problems for hay-fever sufferers.

“Very high pollen counts are predicted across many parts of England from Thursday onwards causing havoc for the millions of hay-fever sufferers in the UK.

“Predicted thunderstorms won’t give respite, as instead they can cause a phenomenon known as ‘thunder fever’.”

Streaming misery will be worsened by steamy, volatile heat which threatens to spawn a vicious ‘super pollen’.

High humidity splits grains into tiny, highly potent particles, while storms wash them to nose-level.

Mr Wiseberg, creator of HayMax allergen barrier balm, said: “According to a report in The European Respiratory review, humidity breaks pollen grains into smaller allergenic particles.

“These new pollen grains turn into a kind of ‘super pollen’, and this appears to be more allergenic than normal pollen, causing more severe reactions in sufferers.

“Storms bring pollen grains down which might have otherwise risen above head height out of harm’s way and whipping up pollen grains and fungal spores near the ground.”

‘Very high’ pollen counts will choke southern England on Thursday before smothering central England at the weekend.

Elsewhere, levels will swing between ‘medium’ and ‘high’ with only Scotland dodging the assault, according to Met Office forecasts.

The weather will be shaken up by ex-Tropical Storm Alex ahead of the weekend after a separate assault forecast today.

Low pressure will barge in from the Atlantic whipping up gales and torrential, thundery downpours.

The Met Office warned Britain’s weather is about to be put through the washing machine.

Met Office deputy chief meteorologist Adam Thornhill said: “Low pressure on Wednesday will bring showers to most areas of the UK… with a chance of associated thunder and lightning.

“By the time Ex-Tropical Storm Alex gets near UK shores, it will have transitioned into a mature Atlantic low.

“Although it will have lost much of its strength, it will bring some unseasonably strong winds across the UK – especially to the northwest on Thursday and Friday.”

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