When will clear lungs after Smoking

How long are cleansed, lungs after Smoking, and is it possible to speed up this process?


On what depends the restoration of lungs after Smoking

The question arises how long the body disposes of toxic substances obtained in Smoking? And most importantly, how quickly will clear the lungs after Smoking? It all depends on a number of factors, such as:

  • Experience smoker. Of course, if you smoked just a few months, you will be much easier to get rid of toxic substances than the smoker with 20 years of experience. Also important, how many cigarettes you smoked daily. The more cigarettes, the more difficult the recovery process.
  • Diseases associated with Smoking. The intensity of the recovery process directly depends on the disease that you had while Smoking, and which were directly related to this habit. In particular, we are talking about respiratory diseases and cardiovascular diseases.
  • The individual characteristics of the organism. It is important to take into account the individual characteristics of the organism. Everyone is different, everyone has their own set of genes, and each of us living in certain conditions that have a direct impact on health.
  • Additional measures to cleanse the lungs. Much depends on how the smoker has helped its easy to clean.

What happens to a person when quitting Smoking

Experts say smokers who managed to quit, the most difficult are the first few days after quitting cigarettes. When the syndrome may have headaches, irritability, thirst, lack of oxygen and other symptoms.

That’s what will happen to you if you give up Smoking:

  • After 2 days. Start the first reduction reaction of the bronchi. Breathing is normalized, it becomes smooth and rhythmic.
  • After 3 days. There have been changes in the composition of the blood decreases the concentration of carbon dioxide and increased oxygen concentration.
  • After 5 days. The smoker restores fresh breath because it clears the mucous membrane of the oral cavity.
  • After 5-6 days. Occurs expressed breast cough. Do not worry, this is a normal reaction of the bronchopulmonary system for cleansing from toxic substances and tar.

About a week later a person begins to sweat intensely, thereby also getting rid of toxic substances that have accumulated in the tissues. Then gradually begin to recover lungs. To specifically answer the question, when will clear lungs after Smoking, is difficult. All individually. You can speed up the process. Gradually departing smoker, you receive the opportunity to breathe deeply, shortness of breath disappears and disappear cough.

How to improve lungs after quitting Smoking

The cleaning process of the lungs may take several months to years until them will not leave any toxic substance. To accelerate the process of rehabilitation of the lungs and restore the whole body by using a number of activities, among which it is important to note the following:

  • Breathing exercises. With the help of breathing exercises you can speed up the process of removing sputum, because this practice stimulates the alveolar apparatus. To achieve good results it is important to gym regularly. In the process of exercise you can feel dizzy, which is normal for the body of the smoker.
  • Physical activity. Help your body regular sports. You can work aerobic exercise, such as walking, Jogging, Cycling and others. During sports easy moving to a different mode of operation. Enhanced gas exchange in the lungs, blood flow, which only contributes to the speedy elimination of toxic substances from the lungs. Smokers with great experience in front of the sport it is advisable to consult a doctor who will advise the best option of the load. Gradually, as improving health status, the load can be increased.
  • Bath and a sauna. If you have no contraindications of the cardiovascular system, a bath and a sauna will help easy to get rid of phlegm. In addition, a bath will help to open up the pores on the skin and bring some of the toxic products then.
  • Physiotherapy. Consult your doctor and may advise some physiotherapy to restore the lungs.

Folk medicine to cleanse the lungs after Smoking

There are several recipes of traditional medicine, which will help you to quickly clean the lungs. Here are some of them:

  • Bay leaf. Just lay in the house a Bay leaf or hang it in the bathroom where most often. Bay leaf helps to clear the air and strengthens the immune system. Can also use infusion of Bay leaf. Take a few Bay leaves, pour boiling water and steep for 3-4 hours. Take a weak decoction of Bay leaf before each meal.
  • The lemon and honey. Mix equal proportions of lemon and honey. This mixture should be taken three times a day before meals for one teaspoon. This will help you to get rid of phlegm and ease the coughing after quitting Smoking.
  • The onion and garlic. Eat more onions and garlic. These vegetables help to accelerate the harmful tar from lungs, the volatile contained in onions and garlic have strong anti-microbial properties.
  • Chicken broth. The exact mechanism of the beneficial effects of chicken soup is still unknown, but many doctors recommend to introduce it in the diet of former smokers. Perhaps the amino acid composition of chicken soup helps liquefy and prompt removal of phlegm from the body of the smoker.

The most important rule for those who quit Smoking do not be lazy to consult with your doctor, especially if you have dozens of years of Smoking.