10 things not to do in cold weather

Winter is here, and if you don’t live in the tropics, you just need this collection of high-tech gadgets for cold weather. Whether you love to walk outdoors in the winter or just want to feel warmth and comfort at work, these smart gadgets will surely help you to survive the cold in comfort and style.

Heated insoles

Love to ski, sled or just Hiking in the woods? Then you simply can not do without this accessory. Equipped with a built in thermostat, original heated insoles use the latest wireless technology, heat-treatment, to maintain comfort for your feet temperature. In addition, they can be charged, and the temperature was controlled remotely.

Winter clutch system for soles

Make winter walks safer and more comfortable using these innovative gadgets for the soles. With ropes of stainless steel they are ideal for icy pavements, snowy trails and everything in between. The system attaches to any Shoe and are usually available in several sizes.

Hat with beard

Invented by canadian snowboarder Jeff Phillips, bertagna hat Beardo not just fun, but extremely practical winter accessory for lovers of walks in the fresh air. Artificial beard protects you from the cold and wind, helping to keep your face warm while skiing, Hiking or playing in the snow. Needless to say, the accessory is the perfect Christmas gift.

Hat with Bluetooth

With this trendy hat with Bluetooth that can be washed, you will not have to bother with headphones in the cold. Equipped with built-in headphones, microphone and the latest technology of Bluetooth V4.1, double knitted beanie keeps your head warm while you listen to your favorite music or answer calls. Compatible with various phones and music devices product provides up to 6 hours playtime/socializing and comes in a variety of styles and colors.

Gloves for smartphone

Pair of touch gloves is mandatory in today’s world of high technology. Soft and breathable gloves provide full conductivity, so you can make calls, browse the web and take pictures, without removing them.

Mask from the cold

The mask is made of soft fleece fabric, resistant to wind and water, will help to protect your face from cold. This mask covers face, ears and neck medical polyurethane and is equipped with a fan designed for heating and humidifying the air you breathe, whatever the weather outside.

Jacket heated

Winter activity require special clothing, which at least provides insulation from the cold. Clothing with embedded heating elements is an elegant, ultra-thin items of clothing, which are perfect for runners, cyclists and lovers of other winter sports.

The mug is heated

The easiest way to warm up is a hot drink, but in normal circles, unfortunately, it quickly cools. Mug with a temperature-controlled podderzhivayutya the temperature of the drink. Some even allow you to use the mobile app to configure the preferences for the different drinks and remote configuration of heat.

Smart blanket

Technology is everywhere, and even in your bed. With a smart blanket to freeze not work even in the coldest apartment. The company Smartduvet not only produces the finished blankets, but sets technology in your old. All you have to do is download the app and set the required temperature. You can set a different temperature from two sides, as well as programming the device to heat the blanket in advance, so you went in already warm bed.

Portable heater/cooler

Embr Wavedeveloped by a group of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of technology, resembles a watch fixed on your wrist, but the device operates as a personal thermostat, heating and cooling at the touch of a button. The device is equipped with a small battery, thanks to which provides rhythmic waves of heating or cooling, tricking your mind and making the body perceive the temperature differently. This is very similar to warming her hands near the fireplace when you’re cold, or rubbing ice cube to the skin on a hot summer day.