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If you’ve ever known any runners who’ve recently completed a marathon, you probably also know it tends to be a very, very long time before they’re in the mood to run 26.2 miles again. It’s safe to say Kyle Vogt isn’t like most runners: In a twitter thread last night, Vogt revealed that he’d set a new—and downright masochistic—world record for running 7 marathons on 7 continents in just 81 hours, 38 minutes, and 46 seconds.

Vogt, 34, who is the president and CTO of the autonomous car company Cruise, as well as the co-founder of the popular live streaming platform Twitch, claims that’s also the fastest time anyone has ever touched all seven continents. “Ready to sleep and take a break from running for at least a week!” he wrote. (Understandable.)

Just completed SEVEN marathons on SEVEN CONTINENTS in 81 hours, 38 minutes and 46 seconds! Ready to sleep and take a break from running for at least a week! pic.twitter.com/ffvOJaiKPX

Vogt’s round-the-world route included the following stops:
Antarctica (Wolf’s Fang Runway)
Ushuaia, Argentina
Panama City, Panama
Madrid, Spain
Cairo, Egypt
Muscat, Oman
Perth, Australia

In previous posts, Vogt, who co-produced the Netflix documentary The Game Changers, also shared that he fueled up for his runs using a “100-percent plant-based diet” and that he’d sometimes given himself as little as three hours to recover between continents and marathons.

Vogt also revealed that he used custom-built mapping software to search more than 7 billion travel routes, factoring in “feasibility, customs procedures, and logistics support” to find the one that would be most efficient. The optimal route that satisfied all of Vogt’s constraints, he added, included about 38.5 hours of flight time.

Releasing the software I made to find the shortest path between all continents. Variant of Traveling Salesman problem, but with weather, aircraft constraints, State Dept Advisory lists, geopolitical overrides, etc. https://t.co/Wgve4tZEw1 pic.twitter.com/pS7y6vxnwL

After setting the record, Vogt publicly released a version of the software on GitHub that you can try for yourself—just in case you’re feeling especially competitive this year.

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