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Even at 54, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s perfectly muscled body is the envy of fitness enthusiasts and the actor’s latest workout video only added to the steam. Having launched the fitness equipment called ‘Being Strong’, which encompasses a worldwide range of fitness products, Salman was seen promoting the ‘complete family training machine’ as he sweat it out on the same.

Being Strong’s Instagram handle, treated netizens to Salman’s jaw-dropping robust exercise session and the Internet was instantly on fire. Looking like the ‘Sultan’ of bodybuilding, Salman donned all black athleisure wear as he did low cable cross over workout.

The very effective isolation exercise involves a cable stack to target the upper portion of the pectoral muscles and works on all portions of the chest in upper-body. The combination with presses or flyes from other angles is used for chest-focused muscle-building workouts.

Check out Salman’s latest workout video here:

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Being Strong SUPER PTS, Your Complete Family Training Machine. #beingstrong #familyfirst #familytraining #superpts #kingofallmachines #bestrong #cablecrossover #salmankhanfans #salmantrainin

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The elbows should be kept slightly bent to generate more power and to get a better contraction in the chest as the exercise stretches the chest muscles under load. This can lead to greater muscle gain.

To decrease the front deltoid involvement and keep tension on the chest, it is recommended to use light to moderate weights.

Instructions for beginners:

Stand in the centre of the cable machine and grab the handles with each hand after attaching two single grips to two low cable pulleys. Place one foot forward, bend your knees slightly and then lift both cables upward at about head level while keeping the arms extended to the midline of your body.

Remember to contract your chest at the same time and exhale during this step of the exercise. Inhale while lowering your arms back to starting position slowly.

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